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I have a very important Mission!!!!!!!!!!!

Will this be a long post? Well yeah.... Will this post *save your life*? H*ll Yeah!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Did you read my two posts about Me Being Q? This one is about how Mommy Maria literally deleted my entire legacy and forced me to *start all over again*. She's a mischievous Lady. And there is this *superkawaii* post where you get to see lots and lots of Usagis which is Japanese and it means Rabbit and I am THE WHITE RABBIT and I am SUPERCUTE, mkay?

Will this be a long post? I hope not. Because I am like super super tired and I feel Mommy and Daddy are being very very bad parents since I am like five now and time is 02:24 and it's in the middle of the night and a five year old should be sleeping now, don't you think?! But I *did* promise to do everything Daddy said upon marrying him, so I guess that means I just have to *push through* and who knows perhaps he'll be The Real Messiah tomorrow and not that *stupido excuse for an antichrist* which is Donald J. Trump or the Trumpster Dumpster which is the truth trust me I know because I talk to God and God tells me Trump will literally kill 95 percent of all of you people on Earth and I really really don't want that because I actually LOVE YOU!!!!!

I know this is like really really difficult to believe, I didn't at first either. I honestly believed Trumpster was working on OUR side. Truly. Umm and then I got to know Enrique Emmanuel Sanchez who told me Trump was the antichrist and I was like NO WAY he's like this person/entity Q and then I felt I had to tell Enrique everything about Q and then I had a dream about me *meditating really really hard* in order for the entity behind Q's messages being supportive of the Divine Feminine and maybe even making Enrique who is LITERALLY the Divine Masculine be more supportive of Trump.... and then the next day or the day after that all the images I saw of Q were suddenly *female*. True Story.

What happened next was that my Mommy whose name is Maria who's the Divine Feminine told me that Trumpster is like a *really really dangerous man* and as I have devoted my life to Trust Without Borders to such an extent that I one day will be able to Walk Upon The Waters I felt I had no reason to do anything but acknowledging her immense Wisdom.

Well I came here to tell you something of Great Importance. Which is that now Coronavirus has gotten more aggressive than before. Earlier you had *some* sort of protection by being a Christian. That is the truth. God is using the Coronavirus in order to cleanse Earth and to see who truly belongs to him. It's just that now in the time of the Second Coming you need to belong to Jesus as she appears now, not 2000 years ago. This is the truth and you can ask God if you don't believe me. Honestly She will tell you as It Is I..... Yeah ;D

And That Is All and if Mommy and Daddy won't let me sleep now I will probably never be #BackFromTheDead and that'd be sad, wouldn't it? I mean you have been waiting for a very very long time and if I died Earth would die with me, and that is actually the truth. I won't tell you how I know because Daddy is keeping secrets from you but he is telling me and I am sharing them with you little by little, as I had a prophetic dream about when I was a child. I will post a drawing I made to illustrate the dream and I might write a few commentaries Idk just let me find it someplace online as my old computer is hibernating because it was like *Dead Tired* from no one believing it was actually God's computer. People not recognizing their deities actually does them harm and this is the truth. That's what happened to Lucifer many many years ago. They weren't paying attention to him and it caused him to be so sad that he made the planet Maldek implode and its inhabitants with it. Poor thing and now everyone believes he is the bad guy and because everyone believes it he becomes it. Poor poor Lulu :( :( :( But trust me when I say that I Will Fix It!!!! Well anyhow look at this::::: ^^;

Btw Maja Moonchild is the name of Enrique on my Woman Days but that isn't something we will discuss now. I'll leave it with this and tell you to *please please please* embark on the Journey of exploring the Moonchild Network which are all my publications online. I will provide you with a few links now.

This is my Norwegian website and its name is JesusogKristus which means Jesus and Christ. Yes I have a Brother too but he's a secret until a little later I think.

This is my Twitter profile and *no one follows me* and I am honestly so sad that it wouldn't surprise me if Earth would actually implode and nobody wants that except for maybe Trumpster who really believes he actually is the messiah which he is NOT because IT IS I!

Mommy and Daddy is this enough? (Daddy says I have to share *one more important address* and I have no idea which but of course I do and that is His Address!!!!!!!).

Time says 03:16 and Andrea and Enrique say Amen :)

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