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The strangest Coronation day

Maria did something really annoying right now. She had me write a long and elaborate post about how I realized I am Q and then she had me give you *all the evidence* and then I was just finishing up and she deleted it all. And I am so angry and I feel I will literally puke. Well I will give you *drips* of evidence and then the rest will appear I guess. Here's the first *drip* which is a drawing I made a few years back named The Cosmic Fistbump. As Maria is quite clever when it comes to technology she added a *kawaii* light glare to the drawing because my website editor can do that and ILOVEIT! Check out This Painting and Idk think

Next *drip* is a little hint about the next painting I will make. The inspiration for The Painting is found in this video and I think I will say That Is All because I am going to be saving the World now. Ttyl!!!!! (Ps: My Husband who is named Enrique Manuel Sanchez wrote this!!!)

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