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The Antichrist

Upon the initial phases of the Coronapolypse, I posted something to facebook. I wrote the words:

I put the 'laughter' in 'they are taking you to the slaughterhouse' [fingers making peace sign]

This is mine and Enrique Manuel Sanchez's chat conversation from today:

Enrique: Back hugs Enrique: I was brushing my teeth Andrea: How are you doing Enrique: Frustrated I had to reinstall our antivirus on all our devices Enrique: I had to get a new subscription Andrea: Are you good now? Enrique: I am now Andrea: I've been without antivirus for a long time but I think my computer's defender does the same job my antivirus did Enrique: It's best to have a antivirus Andrea: I think I will have that when I get a new computer possibly a Mac Andrea: Bill Gates is a very evil man Enrique: Really Andrea: Yes Andrea: Many people believe he is the person behind the coronavirus with the goal to force people to be vaccinated with something far more dangerous than the virus. Also he patented that vaccine in 2015 Andrea: He is one of the most eager people in the frontline of the nwo [New World Order] agenda Andrea: With eugenics as his special field Enrique: [sound message that he had been talking with his mom about eugenics yesterday] Andrea: What's her view on it? Enrique: She didn't know the term but she believes it Andrea: Believes someone is wanting to clean the world for people? Enrique: Yes Enrique: She believes Trump wants that here Enrique: Because there's too many people Andrea: I do too. But he is somehow fooling the aware and awake by appearing to be on the people's side Andrea: Controlled opposition Enrique: I disagree I believe Trump is wicked he's a criminal Andrea: Many people believe he is saving the world Enrique: He's very similar to Hitler? To whom? The Rich? Elitists? The Jews Enrique: I don't think so Enrique: That's my personal opinion Andrea: Mommy Mary said he is a very dangerous man. BUT many people believe he is their hope when elite wants them dead. That is what I mean to say. Many people see him as their savior and the person who will make Earth part of a galactic or cosmic community Enrique: What does Jesus say Andrea: That he is the antichrist Enrique: And Emily Rose Andrea: She says the same Enrique: And yourself Andrea: I agree. But it says in scripture that the antichrist will have many people fooled and it is to lure them into submission and the people he is fooling are the ones who are actually capable of thinking and resonating unlike many people who are seen as cattle in the eyes of the elite Andrea: They think he is on their side when in fact he is in every way doing the nwo [New World Order] and eugenics [killing off most of Earth's population] agenda Enrique: Yes Enrique: All we can do is pray and repent Andrea: They all believe he is Q Andrea: Many people do at least Enrique: Hmmm Andrea: I think it is very important they learn he is dangerous and that the *real* Q is Christ and that he is *not* a representative of Christ and I believe they need to know in order for him to lose the position he has lured them into believing he has Enrique: [sound message saying Enrique thinks Trump is *far* from Christ] Andrea: Yes I know but I'm trying to tell you that the good people of earth who are fighting the nwo [New World Order] agenda all believe he will save us all!!!!! Enrique: Many people in my country think he is the messiah Andrea: Yes I know Enrique: I've always been critical of Trump primarily because I don't trust the rich I loathe them Andrea: I don't trust him for the way he views women he can't be the messiah Enrique: He doesn't like the poor or people of color Andrea: He's a child with too much power Enrique: Yes Enrique: The Racist people, White Supremacists and Neo Nazis all voted for him Enrique: Russia had a part Enrique: There was voter fraud Enrique: And interference in our elections Andrea: Truth is either Hilary or Trump would lead to a world where 95 percent will be slaughtered. They just believe Trump was the good choice Enrique: Yes Enrique: Because they were stupid Andrea: Because he fools them. He still does. I need to tell people the truth Enrique: Please do so Enrique: I do it all the time Andrea: May I please share our conversation on my blog? Andrea: The English one? Enrique: Yes Andrea: [large emoji of fingers making peace sign]

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