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My beautiful Twin Brother

....has this to say:


My Bro is Peter Pan

I Am going to write about Yeshua's current incarnation here. So you should consider following me!

I won't get to tell you Who He Is until you accept me as your Messiah, btw. We come as a package solution, you can't get  your Second Coming of Jesus unless you want the first coming of Princess Christ. He's very sweet, so you miss out on great kawaiiness if you don't like his Sister.

He looks like this

What I can tell you about my Brother, is that he is behind me in everything I do. And when I am scared I'm being a terrible Messiah, he will encourage me and tell me I'm doing well, and that he is amazingly proud of me. It's just that his human form, Joey, won't really say it out loud. He will use other ways than the actual words from his actual mouth. And sometimes he will tell me - but in riddles. It's really nice working in his company. But he reminds me that he is the CEO, and that I have huge shoes to fill. My feet are tiny, but I'm sure I'll succeed somehow...!

The World That The Children Made

My ugly Big Brother, however, has This to say...

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