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FROM Dream TO Reality

Many years ago God told me I would use all types of media in order to tell the world a whole new story about the Divine. And somehow that is what I am currently doing. I use the written word, I use my childish arts, I use my 'Scientific Articles' and I use the clothes I design. Myself, I am God's masterpiece, his Quintessence, and my life is his canvas. My story is God's testimony that he really is a good Father; that he really does like his Creation. He just has a strange way of showing it these days. But trust me, things will get better. And you can also trust me when I say that studying my countless ways of telling the story of the Divine, is what will make sure you see the end to the horrors that earth is going to experience shortly. 

Of course most people aren't able to see the serendipitous wonders of providence orchestrated by God in my life as of now. In fact, most people aren't meant to see it. And that's okay. I will simply keep doing what I'm doing, while I wait for God to paint a Crown on top of my head and show Omnes Populi that I Am Who I say I Am. Those who do See my Crown - those are the Sheep (read Matthew 25:31-46). Amen

- Girl Almighty

How Great is your God?

Eagle Sketch

This is King JewZeus, and he is the Prince of Peace. Please worship him!

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