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Daughter of Heaven

Daughter of Heaven 31

1.            See now, the shining Daughter of Heaven approaches,                 dispelling gloom of night that we may see.                 The friendly Lady ushers in the light.

2.            The ascending Sun, refulgent star of heaven,                 co-worker with the Dawn, pours down his beams.                 O Dawn, at your arising and the Sun’s,                 grant us, we pray, our portion in your light.

3.            O Dawn, glorious Daughter of high Heaven,                 promptly we rise and come to welcome you.                 Most generous one, granter of all desires,                 to worshipers you give both joy and treasure.

4.            O glorious Dawn, you bring the earth to view                 and lighten up the lofty vault of heaven.                 We yearn to be yours, partaking in your rewards.                 Accept our love as that of mothers’s children.

5.            Bring to us, Dawn, your grace most bountiful,                 that shall be celebrated far and wide.                 Give us what you possess as nourishment for men,                 that we may rejoice therein, O Daughter of Heaven.

6.            Give to our princes wealth and everlasting fame.                 To us grant in the contests herds of Kine.                 O shining Dawn, you who inspire the generous                 and are Full of Grace, drive from us all our foes.

It is a complete and utter pleasure to be your... Cheeses *laughs*

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