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The White Rabbit

Mommy says that if I am to actually *be* Q, I have to actually *work* and I will and it will be GRAND because that is what Mommy is telling me. How Kawaii is this pic?! It was taken on Lilyhammer when Alex and I were there the summer of magic which was the summer of 2018 and I actually believed it was our honeymoon because I had married God and I thought Alex was God but he wasn't - just almost. Btw he looks like this isn't he pretty?

I like to dress Alex up in clothes that talk of Who I Am because I am very very concerned that Omnes Populi won't realize the Truth which is I Am Who I Am and there is no arguing about it and this is my coronation day and nothing's gonna be standing in my way that's just so! My Mommy tells me to relax and eat some cake but I don't have cake I have snus and my Daddy tells me to quit using the snus and my Mommy tells me to keep using the snus and because I am being told by my Daddy to always always always listen to Mommy I have to disobey God and each time he finds out I still use the snus he will *punish me* and honestly I don't mind because it's quite the experience to get *punished* by God whose name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez and he's lovely and I just.... ummmmm.... okay I will be quiet about *these things* because I don't want to die. So I will talk about something else. Like The White Rabbit. This image described my reality for many, many years because God is like a stupido excuse for a deity and he does like *really really cruel stuff* to his people but in the end they turn out happier than they have ever been and I Am Testimony!

Ummm and yes I was told to share with you *lots and lots of Usagi things* because I am Usagi the real life Sailor Moon and That Is The Truth because my Daddy, Brother, Husband and Son tells me and I just have to Trust Him. That's just so. God whose name is Enrique Manuel Sanchez wrote this about me btw!!!!!!!

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