Yo. I'm the Sister to your beloved Yeshua. He isn't really into mountain climbing. That is why he gives me all the hard work and difficult jobs to do. Umm.. Yes so I am basically climbing Mt. Carmel on behalf of my whole Family. You should pay attention to me, or else...... Lolz


- Girl Almighty


Ps: #TrumpIsTheAntichrist

and my Bro is the Antipope

Cacciapaglia - Figlia del Cielo (King David cover)Roberto Cacciapaglia
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Christ Bunny
Mommy is Q
I am her Princess
I love her so much
I will free world from satan's reign
I am Usagi Tsukino
I always dream about my King
We are two Usagis
If you make me your God I will show you all my Qte clothes
I might bring my Sister too
You should make songs about me
My Bro and I will do this one day
And I will look much much Qter than this
I will marry God Almighty
We will probably not be here for the wedding night
I love my Mommy
I don't care for earth
God gets me
God sees me like the Bunny on the left