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The Moonchild

Shout Aloud We All Shall Sing Hallelujah! This wonderful artist and woman of God is doing the impossible. She is bringing forth the victory. The victory of greeting The Lord and of waking up The World - both at the same time. And I am in the blessed position of being a part of this victory. This is the story of the old world ending, and of A New World being born from the ashes of the old one. This is the story of how God Is - simply by Being. This is the story of "The Moonchildren" who were able to change the gameplay in effect into a new one:

My website talks of one of my aliases, on the front page. This alias is the one that has followed me throughout All Of My Life. The name/title/position The Moonchild or just Moonchild. She originally came into my life through the book/film The Neverending Story. Most people have *some* knowledge of this story. For the ones who don't, I can tell you that it is the tale of a young boy whose life is sad and tragic. He steals a *magical book* in an antique book store. The book is magical, because it turns out he is reading about people in a world who need *him* to save their world. The boy's name is Bastian. And truly, I will tell you *lots and lots* about Bastian. As He Is The One you have been waiting for. And truly, just writing these words brings tears to my eyes. God has that effect on the people who love him, you see. But I was telling you about The Moonchild. Did you like how I painted her? This painting came to be when I was 16. She doesn't really look like a child, does she? Well, even when I was 16 - without much knowledge of either God or My Destiny, she was guiding my fingers when I did my art. Who is 'she'? Well, I am starting to realize that being completely controlled by Mommy Mary, and actually being Mary, aren't as far apart as I previously thought. I am not understanding it, but I am certainly not hating it. I mean; I get to be both God's mother, girlfriend, sister and daughter.

This text I saw as a vision, a few years back. And honestly, I have *no recollection* of writing this text down in English. But Mommy Mary told me there was an image in my saved files on this website editor, that I was to use in this post right now. Do I tell you about the vision? Well, it was just that. Me being in a state between wakefulness and sleeping. And this text appeared before my mind's eye. And truly, for *seven years* Jesus/Yeshua had been telling me about him going to be coming into my life in the form of a human being. That he turned out to be telling the truth all along, is almost too amazing for me to comprehend. And the Man.... no, really - I cannot even try giving What He Is the respect and honor he deserves. I smile a little now. Because God's voice in my heart - how I would talk to him before I actually met him - always said that I am Mary Magdalene because Jesus needs a woman who is madly in love with him to worship him and to fight by his side.

And trust me when I say that I do fight. I feel each and every day is a battle. But I am confident the battle will be won. A hashtag I've started using when telling the world that #TrumpIsTheAntichrist, is the Japanese word #MAKENAI [unicorn emoji]. The word simply means "We Won't Lose". And that is the truth. This word appeared in my reality sometime last year, and it was God's voice in my heart who would be saying it to me. I didn't know what the word meant - but I knew it was the name of the intro song for Sailor Moon's final and concluding season. Do I post a video of the song? Sure, I'll do that! MAKENAI!!!!!!

Well so it pains me that the final season of Sailor Moon actually talks of something that makes me *very very sad*. And that is the fact that Mamoru won't be physically with me for this part of my battle. I will actually have to fight The Antichrist myself. Well, I'm never by myself. But Enrique, which is Mamoru's and Jesus' name as he appears in 2020, will be in California. Myself, I'll be in Norway. We will be saving the world from two different parts of it. I'm sad and tired and I want to snuggle up with my Moonlight Knight Plush. Enrique sent me this, so I at least had *some* way of hugging him. It's not how I'd ideally want and expect #TheSecondComing to be. Jesus being here on earth, finally. But not physically with me :(

Sailor Moon (or just Christ) will tell you about The Antichrist's plans now. Because I want to sleep and I keep digressing and it is bad because I know humans have short attention spans..... So yes, it is important to tell you that Mommy Mary Told Me This:

Ummmm I have an urgent message from MommyMary 🍰 So she initially told me lots and lots about #TrumpIsTheAntichrist and his plans for the time ahead. I didn't think I'd share it with anyone just yet, but then I saw *this post* and really, the image of Trump looked like Hitler. Mommy does that sometimes, to prove a point. So aaaanyhow, what she told me is that #TrumpIsTheAntichrist is doing all he possibly can in order for you to trust him. Because he wants to win the elections, of course. And really - if he does, God leaves America. God ends the world. God implements everything you all believe TrumpIsTheAntichrist is working to prevent. Truly I tell you.... You should listen. I'm telling you the truth. And really I love earth and I love humanity and I don't want Satan to have his plans succeed. That'd be so so so so sad 😔😥😭😩😣 Please believe me, I am truly and honestly sent to you from God!!! TrueStory 🌙 SailorMoonIsReal AndreaMessiah WWG1WGA Qanon QAngel Queen SecondComing GreaterThings StrangerThings FollowTheWhiteRabbit Usagi loves KingEndymion JesusChrist KingofKings Messiah and YeshuaHaMashiach 🦆 IloveMyDaddy

Ps: Stay tuned to see what the lovely Veronica does with her magical Hymn to Humanity!


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