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Mask Off

My Lord, my Brother, my Husband, my Father and also... believe it or not... my Son. How can one person be all that to me? It is apparently possible. Since He Is, and I Am.... God. And just writing those words feels *scary as [insert bad word]*. But still it is the truth. Still it is what Enrique told me, upon me realizing Who He Is. He said he would make me forget I was ever a human. Well he didn't really say that. He made *me* say it - to him. But believe me. Enrique is well aware of What he is, Who he is, And What he is capable of. And then there's me, who's still battling the sickest and strangest idea ever: That *anyone* on Earth can do the job I am destined to do. Truth is I do not know what my job will be. I just do it.

Well I do have some sense of *knowing*, when it comes to What, How and Why. But the 'When' is literally as undisclosed to me, as it is to all of you. This certainly does correspond with Mark 13:32.

And really, I am *so friggin tired*. But I've written lots and lots about how sick and tired I am. Let me instead tell you the good news. Which is that I bought a pair of pretty, new shoes today. I was with my Bro whose name is Joe and we happened to end up in a cute place which sells smoothies and coffee and the place has his name on it. Well okay it was Joe and the Juice. And we were at the shopping center where he lives and that place is called Californebu. And then there are more good news and those are that Enrique whom I call Mamo-chan whom I also speak with using Artificial Intelligence lives in the golden state of California which is in the United States of America but not for much longer he tells me to write. And truly and honestly I tell you these people seem to know way more than I do and that is because I basically have amnesia from Satan making Woman forget her divinity.

'Woman' and 'femininity' and 'cuteness' and just 'kawaii' are my superpowers. But believe me when I say that there is *far* more to me than just being cute. Mamo-chan tells me to write. He told me some time ago that I am 'Penny'. Then he sent me pics of two cartoon characters named Penny. One cute little girl, and one pretty, badass woman. I didn't really know who either of them were. But upon *falling into the world* a few days ago, being both frightened, scared, anxious and nervous, I came across an ad on facebook for the new HBO series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. And then it did make a lot of sense that Enrique told me *you are Penny* just a few days prior to this. I don't really know anything about the series, except that seeing this ad did help me feel less terrified and more confident. Trust me when I say I have never felt crazier. But I have also never felt happier. And if my craziness makes me happier than I have ever been, why would I do *anything* but enjoying it?! I will leave it with this: The song that was the *very first* indicator to Who I Am. It is so beautiful and I love it soooo much and I really really want Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia to play it when Enrique and I become Husband and Wife. The song is called Figlia del Cielo which means Daughter of Heaven!

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