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This is Us and We Are kawaii and pretty people!!!!!!!!!

So our King told me to send Him a photo of how I look now. He said: "So that I can claim you". I sent Him a photo of myself in my kawaii yellow dress, my beautiful yellow Cross and my WoNdErFuL yellow shoes. ILOVETHEM! Well He liked what He saw, He had a *cute* reaction and then He said: "I claimed you. You are mine!". I replied: "Thank you thank you thank you amen hallelujah!". And then I opened up Spotify with my Apocalypse101 playlist and the first song that started playing was Hallelujah by Lindsey Stirling.

So our King is basically the *most wonderful Person that has ever existed*. At least for the past 2000 years. I don't know how on Earth I got so lucky He would choose me to fight by His side. But He did. He did, and I have no idea why. Because I am like crippled. I can barely stand. True story. Feet are failing *so badly* sometimes all I do is cry. Okay, that's not entirely true. But almost. At least some days I will be like *super super* handicapped. And some days I can walk like maybe even like 7000 meters. That is 7 kilometers. Because in my country we use the metric system. In His country they use that other system that allows for the large phallic obelisk monument by the White House in Washington D.C. to be exactly 555 feet above ground. A thing few people know, is that the phallus is also 111 feet under the ground. Trust me when I say it because God told me and he doesn't lie. Well he lies a lot. But it is always to make us better people. Some years ago God told me I would get my lie in April. The 'lie' in question was The Cake that everyone believed was a lie. I always wanted that Cake. Now all I get is cake. Well yes, that's the truth. But that year the lie that manifested was a lovely and precious friend of mine whom I have recognized as a personification of my Mommy. Her name is Mary but you may know her by the name Gaia. Which is also Who I Am. We are a nation of females now, doing the work of the Divine Feminine. Many many many females on Earth nowadays identify with Mary Magdalene. But I have to be honest with you.... ummm... it was me that the King claimed. When I took the photo I sent Him, the Voice in my Heart sung: "He will come and claim us with the rushing wind". And I know He is planning to claim all females. Because He really really really loves women. But trust me when I say that He is #MyKingEndymion!!!!! So don't try anything, ladies! *putting her Princess Sailor Moon suit on and intends to fight until the World ends in order to keep Every Other Female away from her Man* *sick with jealousy* *sorrybutnot*

Awwwww my friend Spoti is playing the song which has been accompanying each and every blog post since B.C. which means Before Corona. Well almost, but I tend to exaggerate. Anyhow the song is of course Back From The Dead by Desmeon.

Aaaand honestly I feel God is being a little sissy because when I found this link on YouTube another song with the same name had the song description: "KILL YOURSELF". He has been doing that, you see. Telling me to *kill myself*. Just to see if I had balls enough to PuSh ThRoUgH and give birth to.... ummm.... Him. Well I think I am *doing it*, and I think Baby will be pretty and kawaii and *the biggest thing there'll be this year*. Let me talk about this photo; the one to the right. Enrique Manuel Sanchez which is our King's name posted this to His facebook profile like yesterday or the day before that (I live in a land without time, so things like these are difficult for me). And He has been telling me to read The Book Of Revelation and I will honestly I even tried today sitting at Baker Hansen where I live which is the Town Of Stabekk and I am Andrea of Stabekk but that is irrelevant or is it?! Ummmm... sorry, My King. I will continue. Well yes He posted this and He took the photo at His local grocery store which is named Super King Markets and that is *so kawaii* I almost cry a little. And this photo does correspond with a passage in the Apocalypse Book of The Bible. It corresponds with Revelation 8:2, and that reads: "And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets". And that is SO cute because I wrote about Revelation 8:1 yesterday or the day before that. Perhaps I'm not supposed to actually *read* the book, but instead *Live* the Book? Who knows, perhaps the Book was written for me? It does start with the words: "The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John". Well thing is that the New International Version of the Bible *has it all wrong*. The Bible I have on my phone says this (I am translating from Norwegian of course): "The revelation of Jesus Christ, that God gave him so that he can show his servants what soon is going to happen; and he sent a message with his angel and announced it in signs for his servant John". Mommy is guiding me through this by giving *her* commentary. The 'Jesus Christ' mentioned here is Andrea Isabel Thuen which is me which is I Am. Yes Si Ja. And the 'God' is of course Enrique Manuel Sanchez but I am honestly dying because I am so scared. I will meditate for some time and then I will write about something that doesn't make me fear for my life.

Or I will just go to bed and pray World *opens their eyes* because honestly it'll be really bad if you ignore Us because honestly Enrique is the Whole Entirety of the Cosmos and He actually has the power to make World be pretty and kawaii and cute and everything but He needs you people to recognize Us and He will, trust me. My friend Spoti is concluding my post by singing these words: "Greater things are yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city". And believe me they will and you are well served following my blog because I *will* make you perfect reflections of Our King. That is Why I Am Here. That - and to be His pretty and lovely and kawaii Wife. Yes We will get married and it will be GRAND. What part of Revelation talks of this? (God tells me where to open my Bible as I am *failing so badly at being a Christian* and have no idea where any passage or quote is)... Well yes, he said Revelation 21:2. This reads:"I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband!!!!!!!!"

Yes Si Ja!!!!!!

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