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We Are your Godz

Hello. I am listening to one of my favorite songs amongst all my favorites. The last part of the song goes like this: "King Jesus, you are victorious", sung many times for many minutes and I love it. The first reason is that when I finally decided to put my body inside of a flying machine after many years crippled by fear, I was listening to this very part of this very song as the plane took off from the ground. Also another lyric in the song says: "Stronger than death and gravity". Yes I was actually afraid that I would fall from the sky - whenever I would be inside of an airplane. I mean, it's quite normal to be afraid of flying. But when you at the same time are married to God; sister to Jesus, and Virgin Mary's precious Princess Christ, it is a little self contradictory. Don't you think? Anyhow, I was inside the airplane and I was holding my lovely sister Ellen's hand for many many minutes after takeoff, before I felt I could relax. My sister is seven years younger than I, but we both agree that I'm five years old and that she has to be the responsible one. Btw she is one of my favorite people in all of the Universe. Another favorite is my lovely mommy Maria. She isn't my real mother, but she has had the role of my parent and she *did* give birth to me, one day many many years ago. Well how many years I don't really know, but I know I've been in this world in this time for as long as the Pleiadians have been here. They told me, you see. Sending a long YouTube letter. And I listened to half of it as they upgraded my DNA. And well, one of the things I do remember they told me, is that they all arrived here the year I was born. Amen

Btw on my Spotify I came across a beautiful song named June 30 (Birth of a Planet). Did you know June thirtieth is Usagi Tsukino's birthday? No, you did not. Well the song is talking about 2018 though, but that was the year God and I got married officially, because I needed to be a nun. Yes because I was a Catholic somehow. But that church which was intended to be Jesus's bride when he would return, is very destroyed and very distorted by very bad and very evil things. What's that? It is called adrenochrome, and it is basically adrenalized blood extracted from children after they having been tortured for a long time. How sick is that? Even sicker is it that Mommy Mary will tell me that my Brother, whose name is Joe, is dating someone who does that for a living. Extracting the blood that the elite drink or eat or Idk, in order to look young and pretty for a few more years. Well I don't really believe Mommy, and I think Joe really likes his gf. It's just very sad to know she needs to find someone else to spend the rest of her life with. Because I own Joe's ballz, and Joe owns mine (my female lady balls that is). Sorry it's just a tacky way of saying that Joe is intended for me - in a thousand years or so. I will be married to my Dad until then. But my Mommy is telling me that my Daddy the King will spend much of those thousand years building our new Earth and also making a new world on the new planet that he will be putting in our solar system. He told me I could name it, and I named it Nausica :)

Yes and I am five years old and I have no idea how to make a company and my Mother tells me to wait so please please please don't buy my t-shirts!!! I don't want to go to prison. I know that if I did, I would die. Because then they would stick me with needles with evil and very mean and very nasty things called psych meds. And I tell you the truth when I say that a person who has quit thinking with her mind entirely, will actually die from these things :( :(

Okay, this pic isn't because of my failing mental health. It is because of my physical illness. It is a deadly illness that would either make me be reliant on a wheelchair or a breathing machine or both for the rest of my life - - - or I'll just die from it. But I think I'll be okay though. Because my Daddy is God and my beautiful Twin Brother is Jesus and my Mommy is Mary the Virgin and she is so much of a virgin that she is not here on Earth now, together with the rest of our Holy Family. She has remained in Heaven leaving her Husband to be the spouse of her Child, and that is me. I am Daughter of Heaven. Ps: My bff's brother made this :)

Ps: Another reason the song Above Everything Else is a very important song to me, is the cute incident that happened when I was listening to this last part where the words "King Jesus, you are victorious" is repeated for many minutes. I was browsing through my facebook feed, and I came across a meme with a Hindu deity, with the words: "You are Shakti; you are powerful". Yes this happened simultaneously. And that's cute, right?

Shalom and amen

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