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Princess Christ

My country is made for the revelation of the apocalypse and I am your Princess Christ!

And trying to save your effing behinds is keeping me up all night. And my Dad is making it super hard by speeding up time so I have less time to do all I need to do and I am honestly so tired and so sleepy I can't think. Good thing my Mommy does all the thinking for me and she writes this post but I will just share some photos and some captions because my Mommy said, using her online alias, that it would be better to show you - since no one even lifts an eyelid when I try telling you. Because your eyes are glued together by the evil lies of an evil snake whom I will dismantle because my Mommy and my Daddy need me to do it because I am the Messiah and just stfu and let me save you!!!! Amen and shalom.....

This is in our national library and it depicts the apocalypse which is now and you should try looking into the symbolism because I am five years old and I am hungry and well... my Brother and I are so sick of you effing worms.. sorry, you lovely precious treasures, being anything but decent people. Mommy says: Tick Tock Tick Tock...

What do you even see here? Well, the two people sitting underneath a tree are my Brother and I. My Brother is Jesus from 2000 years ago but now his name is Joe. I love him very much and I can't wait to see him tomorrow. He lives in my house now. I'm with my dad, his name is Frode and he is the best person in the Universe and he is Jah Rastafari and that is actually true. Amen. Ps: I was a nun for a long time and then I met the Man I married and his name is Enrique Messiah and we will marry as two people and not as a girl and Jesus in his spirit form but most of you aren't invited because after how you have responded to me trying to save you I don't want either of you in my wedding. Sorry.

This is what my Dad will do to you effing worms.. sorry, you lovely creatures whom I love deeply and dearly. Most of you will just have to endure it, but some of you may come on a cruise with us. We will visit the new planet my Dad is putting in our solar system and I have decided to name it Nausica :)

I guess this speaks of my Brother and I how we will appear in a thousand years. I need to be my Dad's wife for a thousand years, you see. I don't mind, I don't think I've ever been his wife before. But perhaps I don't know I have amnesia. Anyhow I am tired and I don't really like you but my Dad does. My Mom loathe most of you. She is deeming most of you unworthy. But if you listen to what I have to tell you, she may come around. She will help me help you be better humans. But honestly you need to download my app it's just that only 144 000 of you will be able to or maybe just 144 000 of you will be able to go on a cruise with us to Nausica, I don't know. ANYHOW this is the alpacalypse and I don't like you and I want to sleep so you can just suck on something I suggest it is a Mary either Mommy Mary or Mary Jane I don't care.

Good night :(

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