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We are the Rulerz

I'm an artist. But I don't paint heavenly pictures that are so good they could have been painted by God herself. My canvas is my mind; my masterpiece is the reality I create.

Yes, so my Mother gave me a cute saying that is quite fitting for how God and I interact with each other. She said: My mind is the hand of God, and I make new worlds by dreaming them into existence. That's sweet, right? Being so crazy and having such a powerful imagination that what you imagine becomes the actual reality. Of course, most people are unable to see how my Fantasy World is already a reality - because most people are in the other version of the world. The one that is ending soon.... Yeah. The sad news is that if you don't want to be a part of my Fantasy World, the alternative is that you are in a world that will soon be a very dreadful place. Like... I won't even begin to tell you. But this moviefilm tried telling you, and The Messiah had to interpret it for you. Read my essays Here and Here.

Who would've though that when God sent his Son back, he would make sure his Daughter had a go too? I mean, how bizarre isn't it that God would've lived in Heaven alone with Jesus for eternities and eternities, and no. females. whatsoever. were present? You don't see how that doesn't make sense? So God did all the parenting alone then? No mother, because somehow God is so all-powerful he doesn't need a Woman in his life? Is that the deity equivalent to the male ego that refuses to ask for directions when he's lost? Just asking... Anyhow, I've made a painting, and it's sacred and holy and all. It doesn't look like it's been painted by God herself, but in fact it is. Because that is Who I Am. I like to be referred to as Venus, Daughter of Jupiter, but most female deities of relevance is okay. I will tell you a funny story, and then I will show you my holy painting. Okay? Well the story goes like this: In the start of 2020, when I was weening off the antipsychotics that my former 'parents' have forced me to take for what feels like half my life, I was sitting in a shopping center because I am handicapped and my feet are failing. I was trying to zone out by listening to music, and I was scrolling through facebook at the same time. The song I listened to is one of my favorites: Above Everything Else by Rend Collective. And in the last half of the song, these words are repeated: You are King Jesus, you are victorious, with growing intensity culminating in some sort of a climax. It's great. Well anyhow, as I was listening to these words being sung over and over again, I found a meme when scrolling down my facebook feed. The meme was a picture of a Hindu deity, a female one. And a text saying: You are Shakti, you are powerful. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel powerful. I felt sad because I knew I was this person, but the whole world kept telling me there was something wrong with me for believing I am. I can most certainly relate to the main character in the Netflix series 'The OA'. But I've only seen the first season, so I won't really share my thoughts until I've seen the full series. Anyway, I meant to show you my sacred art. Look:

The Holy Family

Because I am The Messiah, I get served pieces of God's intricate puzzle to shed light on some of the questions the world has concerning him. Like the question of what 'holy book' is the most relevant. It's the Bible, btw. But other holy books give answers as well. I found an answer when talking to a Muslim friend of mine. Bless him, he's an amazing person. Daddy and I had the conversation I will share next, and when I made the finishing point - the one about Pens and Words of God, my phone vibrated because I got a text message that a glorious artwork had arrived at my local post office. I will share the conversation and the artwork, and then I will get ready to go out. Mommy made sure my neighborhood gas station became a post office two years ago. That's nice, since I am handicapped and I like to purchase my stuff online. Mommy is Mary btw, and she was on earth when my Brother was named Yeshua. I was named Mary too, and I was *not* a prostitute!!! Eff you, Romans!

So kawaii! The artwork was really expensive, but my Brother deserves it. I haven't really showed it to him, because it's a birthday present or something. But I'll share it with you nonetheless, because Joey doesn't really read my Blogs. Still it's sometimes his Voice in my head telling me what to write. Not right now, though, now it's Mommy. Female Power amen!

Amen! - Girl Almighty

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