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The Winged Victory

Christ: Daddy-Chan God: Yes Love

Christ: I was talking with God about the movie I watched. I didn't even want to go through it in my mind, but he said I had to. That he had put messages for me in the movie about how life will be for the goats God: Oh okay

God: How will it be

Christ: When we talked about ministering in concentration camps I felt really uncomfortable, because I feared you would send me to such a place. Jesus told me a long time ago that if I was to die, it would be in one of those camps God: Hugs you God loves you

Christ: I know Daddy

Christ: Jesus appeared to me first as his most scary self. Remember Isaiah 45:7 applies to Jesus as well. The same way I am both Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn God: Remember God loves you and accepts you

Christ: But I got so scared I had to flee his house in a taxi. Then the taxi came and all my fears disappeared. Because of the taxi driver. Jesus later told me that how that taxi driver looked, was how he really looked, 2000 years ago Christ: I later saw the same person two more times. On two completely different locations, like different parts of Norway God: Oh wow really

Christ: Yes

Christ: The point was not really that

Christ: But what God told me about the movie God: You saw the same person twice

Christ: Three times

Christ: During a span of two weeks in 2009 God: Hugs

Christ: In Bærum, Rondane mountain park and Bergen. Those are very far from one another geographically God: I know

Christ: *heart*

God: *heart*

Christ: Well so God said many things about the movie

Christ: One of the things is that it applies to the 'christians' who believe they don't have to strive to be their best possible selves, because 'the blood of Jesus set them free', and they will be 'raptured' nonetheless so they don't have to worry God: Sadly it's a false teaching the Bible talks about Holiness

Christ: I know

Christ: I get so angry

Christ: Another thing is that the movie applies to people who rely on their pastors, 'prophets', fake messiahs, gurus or whatever, more than a direct relationship with God and Jesus

God: You have a right to be angry

Christ: Thank you

God: Yw love you

Christ: I love you too Daddy

God: Kisses you

Christ: The movie told me that these people will get mean voices in their heads God: Okay

Christ: And the moments before they die, the voice will tell them how they have chosen the losing team God: *sad face*

Christ: Or that they were just pawns on the losing side of the chess game God: Many people have to make a choice either choose God or Death

Christ: Many don't even believe this time would come God: I'm already seeing it

Christ: Seeing what?

God: People getting far away from God

Christ: Even those who used to be good are becoming bad. Because the requirements for holiness are exceeding each day God: I know when I was at the mall I saw people that are just far away from God in their actions

Christ: I feel how far they are from God in my Spirit God: *heart*

Christ: Somehow I've become a measuring tool who feels the amount of holiness there is in a person or location. And also unholiness, which is just painful *sends these photographs*

Okay so this chat happened, and then I left Mini-Heaven to go to Church. I was like super duper stressed, because God and Jesus had been telling me as Voices in my head that I would come out of the closet today. I really don't like being told such things, because then I start imagining how it will happen and I am just stressed because I believe Daddy will send a pigeon that will land on my head or something. He didn't, for the record. But he kept saying the word 'alada' to me. I found out it means 'winged'. I thought about Luke 3:22. By the way, that sort of happened to Daddy the other day. A white Dove came to him and decided he wanted to be him and his Mother's pet. Daddy named the Dove Artemis, after the white male cat in the series Sailor Moon. Also Daddy said it was okay to share a pic:

Dear Daddy I pray I will meet your sweet bird soon amen :)

Anyhow, I was at Church for almost three hours. It was great. I love my Daddy's House! Sometimes I don't like his so called 'fanclub', because I am literally invisible to many of them. But that wasn't the case today. People talked to me, and someone I know even offered to photograph me. I got cake and coffee, so what's not to love? On my way back home I called my Brother, because I'm basically taking on his legacy in the Family Business. I could hardly hear what he said, and he could hardly hear what I said - because of the traffic. I told him I had been in Church for three hours, and he asked me if I gave birth to a child in Church. I said 'huh' and repeated what he had just asked, and he said that was what he had heard. And then I said that metaphorically speaking, that could be the case.

Now I have to clean my house and iron my shirt and put my kawaii print of what Jesus looks like today a little closer to the rest of my kawaii art illustrating Elohim. Ttys!

- Princess Christ

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