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We are under attack, just so you know

Christ: I saw a disturbing movie God: Which one

Christ: Vivarium

God: What's it about

Christ: I believe it was an allegory for how life will be in hell on earth God: Is it new

Christ: I'm not sure

Christ: It was creepy

God: Hugs

God: You'll be fine

Christ: Thank you

God: Yw

Christ: Kiss

....some time passes

Christ: That movie attacked my Spirit Christ: God wouldn't let me watch the Eurovision finale for the same reason God: How come

Christ: Some films and most network broadcasting come with signals meant to mess with our heads God: Hmm

God: Strange

Christ: I've been allergic to television for many years God: Hugs

Christ: I've been selective as to what I've been streaming online God: Hugs

Christ: But today God told me to watch this movie simply to experience what is being transmitted

Christ: Remember I'm very sensitive God: I know

Christ: What they transmit through this is the message there is no hope, no way to escape and you will be miserable, and become sicker and sicker until you die God: Hugs

Christ: Also God sent a message through the movie. That the people who were victims to the things that happened, had lots of opportunities to choose a different fate ....Daddy agreed

My Daddy made me the poster child of a schizophrenic person. He did it so that he could speak directly to my madness, and give meaningful messages concerning my life and current events. Don't hate me for my madness, just be glad God is sharing these things with you. As for what message I was given, these are indeed current events. Don't believe me? I don't care. I'm not destined for hell on earth. Watch the movie yourself, if you dare. It's really creepy. It looked harmless and sweet on the poster image. A house being lifted from the ground, or something. The image was *not* describing for the movie, is all I can say!


Please feed your mind with positive and wholesome input, and be very cautious with what you consume when it comes to entertainment. Or else it can be difficult for you to pass my online seminary, where I will empty your heads of garbage :)


- Princess Christ

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