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Falling into the world

So The Antichrist has this idea that he will attend to the United States of... ummm... [insert bad word for 'donkey'] first. So I will do the same. Which is why I wrote about This Day on my Norwegian blog first. And now I am attending to Omnes Populi. That means 'all you people'. Which are you - the ones reading This. What is 'This'? Trust me when I say I have *no idea*. But someone knows, and someone is having her last and final laugh at The *stupido excuse for an* Antichrist. Sorry but not really. My Mother is guiding me through this *most of the mostest* important blog post. By playing a song about Earthquakes on my pretty and kawaii Bluetooth speaker which is named Rålis. I have no idea why it is named that, or who named it. But Mommy Mary is standing on top of it and for the occasion facing The World. She moves around, you see. Rålis does that to her. Making Earthquakes forcing The Divine Feminine to *change her position*. Btw when This Day begun, I posted this to fb:

"Voice in my Heart sang: "Every trembling heart will finally face the same way". Spotify replied: "Everybody, everybody, everybody, everybody"👋😎"

Who or what is 'Spotify'? It is where I get my music. I think the people behind it are Swedish, so that's cute. I do love myself a Swede. But it is common knowledge in Norway that Swedes aren't the brightest of minds. They are subject to many jokes. But I guess Norwegian people are as well, in the land of my cute brother.

Speaking of Joe. He is *far from* Swedish. Today I came across this amazing and awesome mural in Our Town which is named Sandvika which is in Our municipality which is Bærum. Bærum is literally Norway's answer to the part of Seoul that has given the song Gangnam Style its name. I will find the song and I will post the video because it is superkawaii - that means SuPeRcUtE in Japanese!

It seems I wrote an extensive text with details that aren't supposed to be disclosed as of yet. So only the initial part of the blog post was published. I guess I am *way too excited* about Omnes Populi getting to know Us. So I will leave it with this. The photo I took of the mural which I had *no idea* was even in my home town, until Today. The Bunny and The Eagle :)

How cute is that?!

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