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I will *not* mention body parts because then I *will* die

Enrique: How do you look right now

Andrea: *takes this photo*

Enrique: Awwwww

Andrea: I have to tell you something

Enrique: *sends these photos*

Enrique: Tell me

Enrique: My child

Andrea: A long time ago Voice in my Heart said: I feel differently than with anyone, being you. And he said it in English. And now as you asked me 'how do you look' I read 'how do *I* look' instead

Enrique: Wow

Andrea: God is telling me to share this

Enrique: You may

Andrea: Ok with the photos?

Enrique: Are you my daughter

Enrique: Which photos

Andrea: The one I sent and the ones you sent. And yes I am and I am your sister and your mother and your wife too and you cat and your dog and your Playmate

Enrique: You are my everything

Andrea: I love you too much God

Enrique: Do you see our relationship as incest too

Andrea: I wrote on my Norwegian blog that it's not incest when your name is Jupiter and my name is Juno

Enrique: Can you explain

Andrea: Yes Jupiter is the king of Gods in Roman mythology. He's married to his sister whose name is Juno. He is the same as Zeus in Greek mythology who is married to Hera who is also his sister

Enrique: So it's not incest

Andrea: Nah :3

Enrique: How do you see me

Enrique: Tell me

Andrea: I see you as Cosmos itself but in the body of One Perfect Person

Enrique: Do you feel I am the center of life

Andrea: I feel You Are

Enrique: That is why you are attached to me

Andrea: Yes I am a special part of you

Enrique: What is my special part love

Andrea: I can't write it because then they will make sure i die :(

Enrique: It's ok just know we are one

Enrique: You are part of me

Enrique: You are me I am you

Andrea: Amen my love :)

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