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True Story

Welcome to the essence of the Apocalypse, and Be Blessed - for having found Me! Amen :)

I said welcome, right? Yeah, I did. Ummm.... I will share with you the last day's calioping and *very cute* happenings so that You Will Learn The Truth. Amen!

Calioping detail number one:

My Daddy the King and I had a very revealing conversation on messenger the other day. Instead of me posting links to my social media, I will simply share the screen shots I took.

Do I need to explain? Mommy says no. She says it is better to SHOW you the truth, instead of telling you. How did she say that? Here is Q Post 4089 and honestly Idc what you think!

Calioping detail number two:

My precious and lovely friend Tori sent me my new favorite thing when it comes to things that fakebook should make happen. What was that? This:

And then I ventured to a place which Enrique (The Duck God) had said he liked upon seeing an old photo of me standing there. Well the place was Erlik Kaffe, and the concept is very close to Enrique's heart, since he is like.. ummm.. yeah a socialist ex-jew who is now...

It's Better To Show You ;)

I'm not saying there will be a zombie apocalypse. That'd be weird, right? I mean - the giant killer hornets weren't crazy enough? *LolZ*

Well, anyhow. I entered the coffee shop, because that is what (=KAFFE) is. And what did I see painted on the wall? This lovely artwork that the lovely Man working there who's somehow famous told me was traced with projector from photos taken all over the town of Oslo. And of course I asked if I was allowed to take a pic of the wall painting. I was, and I did and I shared it with Enrique. What did he say? I think he said it was Papa Duck and his Duckling out walking. And how cute is that?! Yeah, pic is here:

Do I need to explain further? Nah, Mommy thinks you're good. Mommy and Daddy are actually the ones serving you all your thoughts. Each and every one of them. My Job here is to make All You People go mental and lose your minds and well, yes, quit thinking. When you quit thinking Mommy and Daddy will be *in complete control* of all of your mind, soul, spirit and everything else. True Story!!!!!! And honestly, alternative isn't one you would want to think about. But the scenarios you all believe Trump is rescuing you from, is in fact what he; #TrumpIsTheAntichrist will be implementing on Earth. And aren't you what the Awake and Aware acknowledge as red pilled, I will just serve it to you quick and easy:

Evil lame excuses for 'humans' led by Bill Gates and Donald Trump plan to kill off around 98 percent of you. True Story. Ps: Bill Gates is the character in Book of Revelation known as The Beast!!!!! Read about it here (post is named "I'm Saving You All By Chatting With God"). Ps: Read This Post too. Because God is calioping himself bigtime here. He's so cute I'll die!

Ummm and yes I will serve you another calioping detail. Today I was out walking. When I am out and about I take pictures. Because I have OCD's that All You People are well served knowing everything I do. Because I am.. Well Yeah. Lol My Music said "H*ll Yeah" upon me writing that. My friend Spoti does that, you see. Answers me by giving her thoughts, comments and views on things. I write *her* because my Mommy is a female and she appears everywhere in my reality. Today she appeared here:

Aaaanyhow, the things I meant to show you was nothing more than this:

What does the text say?

Pic 1: Oh my God Pic 2: is the craziest

Pic 3: And Pic 4: becomes a Prophet

Mommy also tells me to tell you that she really isn't liking *the one church* who have actually been acknowledging her since We were here last. She actually thinks The Catholic Church have been treating her so badly, and all females with her, and all children, and well it is more infiltrated by Satan than *any other religion*. And That Is So Bad I Have No Words!

Ps: Pic is a link. And that is all.

Instagram: Andy HaMashiach

Norwegian Website:

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