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I Am Saving You By Chatting With God

Andrea: Hello

Andrea: My love

Enrique: Hi princess

Enrique: How are you

Andrea: I'm okay. I had a kawaii dream

Andrea: How are you?

Enrique: I am good

Enrique: Tell me your dream

Enrique: I'm all eyes

Andrea: *thinking emoji* I don't remember much but I think it was about you making me believe you were somehow angry with me and then suddenly everything changed and I think you used every cute way you could to tell me you weren't

Enrique: Hugs

Enrique: Andrea

Andrea: Yes?

Andrea: I am honestly always afraid you'd be angry

Enrique: No

Enrique: I am not

Enrique: I am always happy to be see you and hear from you

Andrea: I know that my love

Andrea: Thank you

Andrea: I love you so so so so much

Andrea: In my dream you told me you were afraid we won't get to spend as much time together during the next year as you would prefer

Enrique: Hugs

Andrea: Also you tell me that people on earth have a year in order to manifest their one true love or they won't be fit to live in your Kingdom when you and I meet

Enrique: *image of two kawaii teddy bears, one male and one female*

Andrea: Kawaii

Enrique: *GIF of Donald and Dolly Duck kissing and being madly in love*

Enrique: You are pure of heart

Andrea: It was through a very difficult process it was flames and everything

Andrea: And thank you my King it was all you

Enrique: Remember I'm always here for you

Andrea: Yes my love thank you so much I am so blessed to have you

Enrique: I am not here to judge you

Enrique: I'm here to love you

Enrique: Kisses

Enrique: You are my moon queen

Andrea: Aww I hope I can be a good queen for you

Enrique: You will be I'll guide you and crown you

Andrea: I trust you

Enrique: I trust you to be my woman

Andrea: *sending a pic of how I look right now*

Andrea: That is an immense honor

Enrique: Do you feel pretty

Andrea: I do and I feel hungry

Enrique: Awww

Enrique: Did you eat

Andrea: I ate 11 Cheeses yesterday but I think that was it well maybe a Eldorado bar

Enrique: Okay

Enrique: What cheeses were they

Andrea: Mozarella sticks

Andrea: *sends this photo* *sends this photo*

Enrique: Is that a milkshake

Andrea: No it is sweet chili sauce

Enrique: The glass

Andrea: Coffee it is mocca cappuccino

Andrea: I want milkshake

Enrique: Yum

Andrea: *emoji licking its lips*

Enrique: I love milkshakes

Andrea: I do too

Enrique: I've had vegan milkshakes

Andrea: I have too

Andrea: But I doubt I find a place in Oslo who serves them

Andrea: That's open

Enrique: All the vegan places that serve vegan milkshakes

Andrea: I will try to find out

Enrique: In America

Andrea: Not here

Andrea: Very very few

Enrique: What do you think of the giant hornets

Andrea: Cute I guess

Enrique: Did you know there is an invasion of Giant Hornets in America

Andrea: Yes I do I think I read it was God's way of being even more scary since Coronavirus apparently wasn't scaring people enough anymore

Enrique: This is from God

Enrique: To get people to repent

Andrea: Yes I know

Andrea: How big is giant and what is a hornet?

Enrique: The size of a dumb

Enrique: Thumb

Andrea: Wow

Andrea: It's like a wasp?

Enrique: Yes but bigger

Andrea: That sounds scary are they lethal?

Enrique: Yes they are

Andrea: Yikies

Enrique: Yes

Andrea: *thumbs up*

Enrique: How do you feel

Andrea: Hungry

Enrique: Want to eat

Andrea: Yes please

Enrique: Go eat my child

Andrea: Thank you my Lord

Enrique: :3

Andrea: Hallo *waving emoji*

Enrique: Hi

Enrique: How are you

Enrique: What are you doing

Andrea: Twittering

Andrea: I am doing well

Andrea: How are you my love?

Enrique: I'm good

Enrique: I'm reading a book

Enrique: On the Chinese Empire

Andrea: I watched your Anonymous video about it

Enrique: How did you like it

Andrea: I liked it but I found it difficult to pick up all the words

Enrique: It's anonymous

Andrea: I know

Enrique: That's why

Andrea: I see

Enrique: What did you think of the video

Andrea: I already knew much of the things because of my fb friend Roger who's been telling us about Chinese Dragon and how they are the *real* bad guy

Enrique: Yes

Enrique: The Chinese their symbol is the dragon

Andrea: I know

Andrea: But that means the Antichrist and the Dragon in Revelations 12 aren't the same? Is the Beast the same as the Antichrist?

Andrea: I think the Beast is Bill Gates he wants to chip everyone

Enrique: Yes

Andrea: What was the name of the Chinese communist party? CCD?

Enrique: CCP

Andrea: Okay

Enrique: Chinese Communist Party

Andrea: Obviously

Enrique: They are responsible

Enrique: For the virus

Andrea: Yes I believe you

Enrique: Its a way to control the world

Andrea: I think all three are working for the same cause

Enrique: Yes

Andrea: A one world government where only the wealthiest people were allowed to live and the rest will be slaughtered that's what is in effect now through 5G and Vaccines and they are even removing the oxygen from the atmosphere at least trees from cities

Enrique: The Chinese government is wicked

Andrea: Truly

Andrea: How come?

Enrique: It's about power and control

Andrea: I guess bottom line it is about who is in control of them

Enrique: Satan

Andrea: Ewwww

Andrea: Cringe

Enrique: Yes it's true

Andrea: I know but he gives me the creeps

Enrique: Hugs

Andrea: Kiss

Enrique: Kisses

Andrea: I love you so much Mamo-chan and I feel I should share this conversation

Enrique: Be my guest

Andrea: Thank you

Andrea: Ttyl

Enrique: Ttyl hugs

Enrique: Love you

Andrea: I love you Enrique Manuel Sanchez and I can't wait to be your Queen

Enrique: :3

Enrique: I love you too

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