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The Unagi to my Usagi

Look how cute I was when I was little. Mamo-chan is going *all the way* to make me feel better about myself. And to make me feel better about *everyone hating me* when I was little. Well, not everyone. But so many people I've met have been total jerks to me. Also so many people have been misunderstanding me my whole life. The ones closest to me the most. There is one person in my life who thinks I should see a counselor for not managing to become a psychologist. Idk, but I do not think God ever intended for me to become a psychologist. I have too many of those in my life already. Three of them are actually my earthly 'parents'. Do I think of them as 'parents'? Sure, to some extent. One of them is someone whom Mamo-chan actually asked me if I could send him a book from. Well Mamo-chan told me he wanted to read my dad's book about being an adult. My dad knows lots and lots about feelings and relationships and Idk the things happening between people. I guess that is why all of Norway knows who he is and that every media outlet turns to him when there is anything that needs to be explained that has to do with feelings. Upon sending his book to Mamo-chan the lady at the post office (who knows me since I have been doing lots and lots of online shopping) saw what book I was sending to the States, and told me she really liked the author. I told her he's my dad and she was like "What? You're kidding me right?". I told her no, that my dad really is my dad. Then she asked me what he is like. I told her he is a wonderful Person and that I feel very lucky to have him as one of my closest confidants.

Mamo-chan made me send him many pictures, so that he would *work his magic* on them and Idk heal my past. Is it helping? I think so. He is making me feel very pretty. He is making me send him pics where I don't really feel pretty. And he is telling me how beautiful I look without make-up. I never really felt I could even show myself without make-up on. To be honest I felt like me showing myself without make-up was an insult to the people who met me. True story. Here are some of the pics I sent him.

I think Mamo-chan is the one Person on Earth who understands how important it is for a Woman to feel good about herself.

We had a long videochat today. It was not only how pretty he thinks I am that was the topic. We also talked about the rabbit that my favorite person in the whole world found on an island in the Oslofjord. He was all white, had blue eyes, was three months old when she found him. He was used to humans, and befriended our dog Bastian. The interesting thing is what she decided to name him. It was Mio. I never realized why, I never saw how that applied to me. But somehow it does. Mio min Mio is a book by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. It tells the story about a boy whose life is like Idk shitty? And then some genie or Idk what takes him to a faraway land where he learns he is the son of a King. And then he gets the assignment to free all the children that have been stolen by the evil ridder Cato. Also he feeds them with a spoon that doesn't need food on it. They just put the spoon in their mouths, and their hunger will be satisfied. Some time ago God told me to add the song Mio min Mio from the film with the same name to my at-the-time 'songs Jesus is sharing with me'-playlist on Spotify. Ummm.... and... I never really understood why. Since I never felt that story applied to me. Until now. I will add the song to my Apocalypse101-playlist. That is the songs from This Time. The time of... you guessed it... The Second Coming!

So let me tell you a few more details. One: The book Gospel of Thomas is written in codes. One of the things Jesus say in that book, is to drink from his mouth. What do Jesus mean by that? It means to meditate. Like really meditate by shutting off all thoughts. Truly and honestly I tell you, if you learn to do this, you will almost remove the need for food in the form of carbs, fats and proteins. For Christmas last year, Jesus' sister gave me a t-shirt that said: "Powered by Jesus and coffee". Now that I think about it, I do want coffee. I will finish up by sharing two more details of great importance.

Detail number two: Nooooooo I can't write that. Well I will just tell you about the headline of this blog post. As Usagi is the Japanese word for 'rabbit', and I call myself Tsukino Usagi. Which means 'rabbit of the moon'. Earlier I called myself 'The Moonchild'. I think I will still use that name on occasion, as it is only by becoming like a child that you will enter the Q-ueendom of Heaven (Q-ueendom of Kawaii). Well and yes that applies to the motto and number I live by. The number 131. I had it tattooed on my wrist as a reminder to always trust in God. Well now that I do trust God fully and completely, I have come to the conclusion that I will use the tattoo as a sign of approval towards you. Meaning that if I show you my 131-tattoo and give you my signature Usagi hand gesture, you are... well... bankers. That is a Norwegian word meaning 'safe'.

Yes and what I was supposed to tell you that I tried ignoring since I REALLY DON'T want to be forcefully medicated. But the Japanese word 'unagi' applies to Mamo-chan since he is a man and I am a woman and that is the way God intended World and romance and intimacy to be like. So the word 'unagi' means... well... okay... eel. I told Mamo-chan that I had written a blog post on my Norwegian website some time ago. Where this headline was used. But that I changed it after a few minutes since I REALLY DON'T want to be forcefully medicated. And Mamo-chan asked me if he could read it. He lives in the wealthiest state in all of the States, so he doesn't really understand my Language. But hey, there is this thing called Google Translate. You simply put the link into the translator, and it will come out translated to your language. Well I think it works best with English but Idk.

Last detail. This video. And that is all :)

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