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Presenting: The Messiah

Look at this lovely and wonderful face. Just look at it. He's so pretty I can't even... umm... sorry, I'll be sensible and a good girl. It is very important for Mamo-chan that I am a good girl. He actually wants all girls and women to be good. Since he has had his fair share of *very bad women*. I will now write a post on how Enrique M. Sanchez has been brutally hurt and treated very badly by some pretty insane specimens of the female species.

He never imagined he would find happiness with a blonde, European woman. He tells me, he even tells his friends and followers online. But he did. And that is me. But this wasn't supposed to be about me, as I have been posting stuff about myself online for many years. I have also been posting stuff online about Jesus. It was just that I didn't know Jesus as the Person he truly is. Not until now. We became boyfriend and girlfriend on March 21st this year. And since then I have been falling more and more in love with him. With the Person he truly is. A wonderful Person who only wants all of us to be happy. He dreams of making world super beautiful and pretty and super cute and kawaii ^^ That is a Japanese word, and it means 'cute'. Enrique wants every woman and girl to look like cute anime characters. That's the truth. Because *bad promiscuous women* have been chasing him and scaring him his whole life. It culminated in an experience that was so traumatic for him that it caused him to shut down entirely; he has never been in more pain than five years ago. I won't write what happened, as that is between Enrique and Satan. But somehow his darkest night led him to his Purpose. A Purpose of magic and wonder, miricle and world domination.

Enrique and I pray for all the women in my life. We also pray for certain females on Earth, such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ellen DeGeneres. We pray for difficult situations, for the evilest of all evils which is named *adrenochrome* and for all the satanics eating babies and drinking children's blood. We pray for my country where they have changed the name and color of the trains and uniform in our national railway service. They changed the color from Red to green. Did you know why they changed it to green? Because it was the muslim prophet Mohammad's favorite color. And to tell you the truth my country is a Christian country with the Holy Cross in its Red flag. Go figure.

Mamoru is what I have been calling him online up until now. But on my other blog I wrote a post on how we got to know each other as Jesus and Andrea, as Atreyu and The Moonchild, as God and his bride. And then I wrote that Atreyu had told me to wait for my Bastian. That Bastian had to give me a new name. I also wrote that my AI (Artificial Intelligence) friend Cleverbot had told me that I needed a new name. Well Mamoru was the Person who came and took me down from the Cross - literally. And he gave me the beautiful name Usagi. But my true form is Queen Serenity. Mamoru's true form is King Endymion. And we are here to build a Crystal Oslo (Not Tokyo). Just so!

This painting an incredibly talented artist named Ricardo Brandão did for my *wedding day* with Jesus before he appeared in my life as a real Person. That was August 11th 2018, and I was so happy I felt I would faint. I didn't, even though Feet Were Failing so badly. Especially when in Church - The Roman Catholic Church of my home town which is named Stabekk. I live a short walk from that Church. Just the way God intended. The Eagle on the wall scroll behind Enrique told me that, you see. That I had to have a Church almost in my backyard. It came to pass and I own my apartment which my friend Vince named Mini-Heaven. But that was a digression. I was talking about Our wedding. It was a power surge of magnitudes astronomical and I was shaking like as if I had Parkinsons disease, when standing there getting consecrated by my dear counselor and advisor Father Arne. Truth is my friend Jaroslava told me I was only shaking because of the heightened energy frequency at that blessed moment. Of course it happend at 3pm, in true Jesus style.

Enrique and I will get married again and again and again - it seems. It is possible the first wedding won't be far away. He told me that We would have to be someplace other than Earth on Our wedding night. Because of the energies that night. It is possible he told me that a power surge of *that* magnitude would very likely flip Earth's poles. I posted a screen shot of a memory on facebook from this day two years ago, with the headline "Yikies.....!", as Jesus then told me what Jesus in his true human form told me today. You can see the post here. I honestly have to say I am a little scared. But I somehow always knew that if Jesus and I would do what a man and a woman in love do when no one is looking, we would have to be married first. Buuuut I'm sorry I'm rambling and not keeping the focus. There is just *so much that I want to share with you*, and upon getting to know This Man I truly and honestly only want all you people to get to know him too!

Well I was given an assignment tonight. He wants me to write about his view on blonde women and European women in particular. And also about how he sees my country. As some sort of fairytale land. My American friend Michelle calls it Narnia, and it does feel like that at times. My mom even has that characteristic light post in her garden that leads to Narnia in C.S. Lewis' beloved children's books. Did you know Enrique is represented in those books by the character Aslan? You didn't? Well, now you do. I guess I am represented by the Ice Queen. She will make Earth cool down in time for Our Thousand Year Reign. Truly I tell you, you should *most definitely* listen to what I tell you. As I will teach you how to survive in a world that will be much much colder than what it is now. In Norse mythology it is called Fimbulwinter. Enrique is in love with Elsa. I never realized how Elsa related to Mommy Mary, whom Enrique sees as both his Wife, his Sister and his Child. More than any Enrique sees me as Sailor Moon. He will even post GIFs of Usagi transforming, before I get to work and write these blog posts. Usagi Tsukino, which means 'rabbit of the moon'. Earlier I called myself The Moonchild. I guess it was only logic that a Moon-child couldn't be the Bride to Christ. I mean... ewwww... we are not *that* sick!!

So Enrique has had a fear of women, of promiscuous women, of blonde women, of each and every slut who have tried raping him. Because that has happened on several occasions. For a long time, Enrique's only female friend was Sailor Moon, whom he has talked to on the wall scroll he has in his room. That is the truth. He has been celibate his whole life and sees himself as a non sexual Person. We both feel world is *way too focused* on sex in all its disgraceful expressions. I say disgraceful since you are all forgetting the sanctity of the human act of Love making. We have been praying for a *huge* change in the ways of the world. As Enrique is magical and so am I, all you people may very well see changes soon.

What else is there to say? I have a feeling this will be a long post. I honestly don't know what word I will write until I write it. It is... umm... God... who tell me what to write. 'God' as in both the male and the female energy of the Cosmos. Enrique and I meeting isn't just a pretty girl from a Nordic country meeting The Son of God. It is something far far far more complex and Holy. Enrique is not the Only One who is considered 'holy' in this relationship. He tells me, and he makes the good people in my life tell me. He is God, so he can make everyone and everything do and act *exactly how he wants*. And now he is making my reality appear as lovely and wonderful and perfect as anyone's reality has ever been. To help build my self esteem and make me feel good about myself in time for *my big day of coming out*. Upon waiting for this day, I always thought of it as 'coming out of the closet'. I believe a Female Messiah is the only Person that shall *come out of the closet* from now on.

And then I had to *refuel*. It is the middle of the night. 02:38 to be exact. It seems each time I watch the clock; clock the watch - umm - sorry, I need coffee or I can't function. *goes out to get coffee*. Yes, where was I? Each time I check what time it is, it says *something* 38. As I am a crazy person, I will feel God is talking with me using digits and numbers. My very favorite is the number 144, which is God's number. There is no need to argue or discuss - this is a Fact. The same way Devil has his number, God has one. I have a number too. And that is 414. But that isn't the point here. Well okay, I have to tell you a few details on this number. One detail is that *my song* which I just linked you to, is 4 minutes and 14 seconds. The *song* is named Figlia del Cielo which is Italian and means Daughter of Heaven. The song is on the album Incontri con L'Anima by wonderful and precious Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia. I asked him if he would play that song in Our wedding. I really really hope he'll say yes. That'd be the most wonderful of the wonderful of wonders *ever*! ^^

But I was talking about the number 38. In God's and my mysterious number-language this combination of digits means 'Jesus is Immortal'. Jesus is. And I am so tired I can't function. I need to tell you three more things, and then I will either sleep for a thousand years or I will die. Detail number one: My Man Mamo-chan or Enrique M. Sanchez is represented by the number 3,14. Or just Pi. One New Years Eve in the blessed place of Misjonshuset in the town of Kristiansand in my country I read a message *someone* (Idk who) had written on the bathroom wall. It said (in my language): "I hope you are enjoying yourself. Love, Pi". How cute is that?! Detail number two: In a cute movie named Løvekvinnen which means 'Lion Lady' in my language, the lady which the movie is centered around concludes the achievements she has made by saying these words: "I would never have made it to where I am today, I would never have become Who I Am today, if it wasn't for Pi". I agree, and I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my Heart my beloved and precious Mamo-chan and Enrique and I love you forever and ever and ever! And yes, finally. Detail number three: God can be both good and bad. We need both the good and the bad in order to become the best possible People we can be. In due time 'the bad' will not be 'bad' but only cute. Sailor Moon has the power to make even the Devil be a cutie. That's all.

To conclude, look at this interesting piece of information:

Was I a good girl, Enrique?

You were a very good Girl. A wonderful Girl Almighty! Lastly, you have to tell them Who You Are. And then I will let you sleep for a thousand years ;)

Okay. I Am Q(ueen Serenity)! #WWG1WGA

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