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Hope has a name, you know

As I begin writing this post, my friend Spoti is playing the song Muhammad My Friend by Tori Amos. 'My friend Spoti' is a strange way to tell you that my music streaming program Spotify is deciding to play this song while being asked to play a random song from my playlist Apocalypse101. And well, Spotify will do this - play songs to help me communicate what needs to be communicated. What will I communicate this evening? I will start with sharing something I shared on facebook some time ago. How many times ago? Time ceased to exist in These Times. So I have no way of telling you if it was yesterday or two weeks ago. But it *has* happened. Meaning it is in the past. But that is actually all I know.

***smite effyou smiting trumpistheantichrist ewwwww you are a true abomination 💩and you should be ashamed of yourself! Haram it's better to be a Muslim than to be a "christian" trump supporter because that man is so bad the whole Cosmos will end if we don't stop him!!! And MyLovelyTwinBrother is *also* the return of TheProphet.... And that is a TrueStory because he is Waymaker and....***

That was the post, well the start of it. I try smiting this incredibly bad man. The background for me wanting to end Trump(istheantichrist)'s reign in the US of *insert bad word for donkey*, is because my Mother is telling me he is bad. And then my Father is telling me the same. But these two People are not my Earthly parents. Although both Barb and Frodo agree that Trumpsterdumpster is a menace and he needs to be stopped. My *real* Parents are God and Mary. That is the truth and there is no need to argue. It will become clear to all of you very soon. Spoti is interrupting my train of thought by playing Daughter by Sleeping at Last. And I remember how I came across this song, many many times ago. It was God's voice as he would appear back then - like a voice in my heart and that was all. Well that is not entirely true. God appeared in all aspects of my reality back then. But not as a real, human person. Well that is not true either. God was in my life as a person already. But I realized that this person was my Brother (as I write 'Brother', Spoti is singing the word 'Sister'), and not the person I am supposed to be with romantically. But I am interrupting myself. I was telling you about God and that he talked to me using his spirit which is Mary when she is talking to people's hearts - and she told me to type the word daughter on Spotify. And then that beautiful song was a reality. Mommy Mary is so wonderful and I love her too much!!!!! And I dedicate this post to her. As I dedicate all I do to her. As she is my Mommy and I wouldn't be anything if it weren't for her. And that is the truth. Another truth is it is Mary who is writing these words. I am simply just her vessel; she is simply just using my fingers in order to get her words out. And as I write these sentences Spoti is replying me - and all you people - with This Song. Named 'The Ghost' by Niviro, and it tells about Mary:

Dear facebook. Trump is the antichrist and I have a friend who is into Dragon Extinction and he is telling me this about the man that Mommy Mary is calling führerpotus:

I have made you dim [america]. I am sorry but I will leave the [country]. I can't be in this group who supports the most criminal and by far the worst [and most] fake president in history. He has committed multiple serious crimes, before and after he committed treason just to become president. Ordered the kidnapping of thousands of children who were then placed in cages by for profit criminals running a concentration camp. He supports every white nationalist criminal group including the KKK. He has been proven to be a total racist. Oh and he violently raped a 13 year old girl, then threatened her life and the life of her family, and of course got away with it. He even believes he could shoot someone to death on 5th ave and get away with it. He is trying to turn this country into a totalitarian nightmare controlled by corporations. Of course with the support of all the criminal republicans who believe he should be able to commit any crime he wants and not be impeached or prosecuted for it. That you still support this vial evil 100% liar, makes me sad and I can no longer be a member of this group! To all of you who [still believe in trumpsterdumpster]: Goodbye all.

I asked my friend how he could know all this. He said:

First it is common knowledge that the accusations of violently raping a 13 year old girl by trump are based on fact and eye witness accounts. When trump began his campaign for president she finally had the courage to come forward and go after him. This case was going to go to trial in LA but someone threatened her life again. Which caused her to cancel the charges sadly. It is common knowledge and was all over the media that he ordered the kidnaping of children whose parents where seeking legal asylum in the US. They were kidnapped in the middle of the night by Ice, transported and then thrown into cages in concentration camps, who knows what happened to the parents. There is also a lot of outright proof that he has violated the Constitution many many times. And then also the fact there was outright proof that he and his election team conspired with Putin and Russia to hack our elections. And of course the damming proof that he was impeached for crimes of blackmailing the leader of Ukraine into giving him false information regarding Biden. The republicans in the Senate refused and blocked all evidence and testimony in that trial and then acquitted him anyway. And now he is responsible for thousands of deaths from covid 19. I knew that [person] had voted for this monster but hoped by now he had realized his mistake like others had. But since he claimed he totally supported trump still I can not be associated with these monsters who support a criminal. This is why I left. I hope you understand this. Of course I made him admin so he will delete your post for sure.

(Group in question is about Space Cops and somehow me and my Brother are... It's just we're not in Space we are here on Earth and we are demanding Justice!!!)

I will truly and honestly die if you people don't realize what a bad man the antichrist is. And that *my* man truly and honestly is the opposite of anti-Christ. I will truly and honestly die since we are in love and we are to get married. But of course I need to save the world first, since that is already written in the Bible. In book of revelations it talks of our wedding and well, of course it can't happen until world is saved and well MyKingEndymion is in the Americas and me and MyBeautifulTwinBrother are in Norway and we are so far apart and I feel I will literally die but I won't because I am the world's strongest and that is true I am Sailor Moon. That is just so. And God made the series Sailor Moon in order for me to realize Who I Am. And now I know and now we just need all you people to know so that we can be your kind and lovely deities. But if you don't like to think of us as gods, we can call ourselves presidents although I would like to be called Figlia Del Cielo or TheChildlikeEmpress because I won't really ever grow up. And Mommy isn't letting me go, it seems. She needs me to keep writing until you realize how True this Story is.... But I feel I will die and faint and perish and that isn't doing either of us any good, is it? I'll share this!!

(That's my Mommy calling me a big crybaby. And she is letting me go to bed. I will be at Café Q tomorrow at 15 if she lets me sleep. Good night world!!! MAKENAI!!!)

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