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The Glorious Cake II

This is me. I Am The Messiah. Which means I Am the second coming. And this is my story!

Okay, I wouldn't possibly be able to write my whole story in one Blog Post. So I won't even try. I tried introducing myself in my previous Post, though. You should consider following my posts. To tell you the truth, those are what will keep you alive now. Because I Am the Life. Well, that isn't entirely true. Myself, I Am 'the Way' and 'the Light'. It is my beautiful Twin Brother who is 'the Life'. He is also 'the Truth'. Together We Are Elohim. We Are also Waymakers and Moonchildren. And lots and lots of other cute names. My favorite ones are nonetheless 'Girl & Boy Almighty'. We Are represented on this building in Oslo (Norway).

Myself, I Am Catholic. My Brother is Lutheran. That does not mean he doesn't love Our holy Mother. She is named Mary, and is the Queen of Heaven. My Bro cares deeply for her, and when he has had a little too much to drink, he will even ask me if We could pray the holy Rosary together. I gave him this cute dolly of Our Mommy, to watch over him. I'm sure it's okay that I share this video... My Bro is King JewZeus, btw. That means he is Jesus :)

So if my Brother is Jesus (he says: "I am in no way, whatsoever, Jesus!!!!!" (he prefers it when I use the Hebrew version of his name back then: Yeshua)), who am I? If I claim to be 'the second coming'. I Am Christ. Which means 'Jesus' and 'Christ' are two different people. Two people who share the same soul. This means my Bro is my Twin Flame Soul. It means that We are made for each other; meant to be; a star sprinkled miricle romance. It's just that I Am going to be married to my Daddy for a thousand years before any of that magical and miraculous romancy stuff is to take place. That makes both Joey and myself a little sad. But hey, We have a thousand years where We get to be Brother and Sister. I'm sure it'll be fine. It's just that We are already Brother and Sister in Heaven, where We originally come from. I think my Bro has some memories of it. Myself, not so much. I did manage to paint Us, though, how We appear in Heaven. We are eternal children of five, I am told. This is Us!

I think that should be all for now. If you want to follow me to ensure that my Papa does not remove your soul from his directory, you should donate 144 000 USD to my PayPal - - -

I'm JoaKing. Jeez. I hate moneys.

- Sister Christ

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