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The Glorious Cake

Oh happy day, God says. Why does he say that? I guess my Papa has his reasons. This is me, btw. I Am The Messiah. That is a true story - - - and failing to realize this will cost you your soul. I Am sorry, there isn't really anything I can do if you don't See me. If you won't acknowledge me, you are soon going to perish and cease to exist. Because of the mechanism my Daddy has me function as. It means that if you don't See me, God is intending to get rid of you. If this means your present life, our your soul's continued existence, beats me. I just know that it is only those who See me; the Wayseers, that will be spared, now that the Apocalypse is upon ut. This is me. Your savior girl. Andrea Messiah:

My Mommy says I can't write more. She needs you to accept me as your personal savior first. Please see This Page about me, This Page about my beautiful Twin Brother and This Page about Mommy :) And if you want to see a video presentation about why I Am here, you should check This Page out!

That is all. I Am angry.

- Kristus

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