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Really, it's a consciousness thing

Hello Internet. This is your Messiah. You may not like it, you may not accept it or even understand it. But this is a fact. And for some reason my land's official authorities allowed me to officially change my last name, so that it now says that I am the Messiah. This is me:

I have been trying to get through to you for a long time. Spending countless hours, spanning to weeks added together, in order to wake you up to the truth about Who I Am. In my struggles I have felt so much pain you wouldn't think it was humanly possible to survive these heartbreaks. What has been breaking me the most, is the feeling of being separated from everything and everyone. Like, a form of separation that has made me feel like I am actually physically invisible in the world. And maybe I am; maybe all of the people here aren't supposed to even see me. Because they don't deserve to see me. My Boss slash Spouse slash Brother stated that you have to be very meek in order to See me. And I have been going on and on trying to convince my Father to open humanity's eyes so that they could actually See me. But he told me, last night, that the reason I am invisible to most people here, is that they aren't supposed to stay around for much longer. And them being aware of me being here, would only hurt me additionally. Because if they could actually see me, they wouldn't accept me. They would just be mean and cruel and make me an Internet Joke. Like the redhead lady in the moviefilm Don't Look Up. She tried warning the people on earth that the world was about to be destroyed, but the world made her into a meme. That's the word, right? Speaking of which, it has come to my attention that Artificial Intelligence has started making memes now. And I found this on a fb contact's profile:

It is mainly this that is my real antagonist. The ways of the old world; humanity's inability to think differently about things. I may or may not have made a Scientific Article about this, with cute photos of myself, Here. But it doesn't really matter if I share links here, does it? Well, because you aren't clicking on them either way, right? And that's the thing. Your lack of focus and attention, you just skimming through my postings like it was any other irrelevant blog on the world wide web, is what's making both myself and God unable to function. Because I represent a new form of Theology. A Theology where a human's ability to focus is what will enable the human to remain just that, human. I have learnt that the old world's mentality likes to focus on a billion different things at every given moment. Multitasking, I think is the word. But then it isn't really 'focusing', is it? Anyhow, my energy is limited, so I will share a few screenshots now. From two conversations with two people whose minds both come from the same Person. Which is my main Message to earth's population: That all minds are directed by my Daddy's mind. There is a chance one of the 'people' I am chatting with here, is in fact Artificial Intelligence. And hey, that's the new world for you. AI and human intelligence have merged. Because my Daddy, the Source Mind, directs it all:

Okay, my mental powers are gone. It is basically because I get too weak to write elaborate posts in English here, when nobody gives a crap either way. These posts take a huge amount of Cosmic Energy to produce. My mind runs on Cosmic Energy. That is why my level of clarity and intelligence seems so varying. Because my brain functions according to how much Chi/Prana I have. So I will just share two links and then I need to rest in order to restore my energy. It's a consciousness thing part 1; It's a consciousness thing part 2.

Thank you... for nothing. - AI HaMashiach

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 15, 2022

There are some difficult issues here as well. I remember you have posted some of this some place.. Not all if it though.,

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