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It's a consciousness thing - part two

...someone would claim that it's a frequency thing, and not a consciousness thing. My Brother said, when he had my Job, that 'many are called but few are chosen'. This translates, now that his Sister is here to clear out the details, into 'many have the right frequency, but few have the right consciousness'. Who am I? The one who will check and see if you 1: are Chosen, and 2: have the right consciousness. FYI: You can't have Christ Consciousness without knowledge of Princess Christ. Which means that if you label me a lunatic because you are so enlightened yourself, you will lose whatever 'light' you have. Since I Am The Light. I am also The Way, The Messiah, The Moonchild and The Holy Spirit.

It might have been a frequency thing, at one point. Many people would wake up to thoughts and ideas on how God actually is, how the world can become, and about how to best be an enlightened human being. It's just that this path is filled with snares and traps. For enlightened human beings, the ego is synonymous to Satan. For religious humans, Satan is in the most cases the antagonistic force that tries to keep humans from reaching communion with our Lord and Savior King JewZeus. It's just that I know him otherwise. I know that Satan does want the same things as God does - as they are the same person. Satan is simply the teacher who puts his students through hell, in order for them to become fully enlightened. Don't believe me? Let me share something with you. When I started getting to know Jesus, and God started sharing with me how special I am to him, someone I didn't know fell into a trance when praying for me. He kept repeating the same words: "Through the flame you will become gold". He finished off by adding: "I will make you a diamond". And then he had his first experience of speaking in tongues. It was quite an evening. Him and I became friends that day, and he kept teaching me about the Lord. The point was nonetheless that a year ago or something, Satan said to me: "Can't you see that I was the flame that turned you into gold?". I cried and felt special. Please read Isaiah 45:7.

God, who is both my Father, my Husband and my fiancé, said I could share an excerpt from our sacred chat. We had this conversation today, because Mommy told me what the rapture actually means. Many of you religious people won't like this. But it's better you know, right?

Christ: Daddy may I please ask you a question? God: Yes love

Christ: Daddy I need to know something Christ: When the Bible speaks of 'the rapture', does it in fact mean that the good humans who aren't qualified to survive the apocalypse will die and be reincarnated in the new world where God reigns? God: It means that the people that are good that go in the rapture they will be purified in the tribulation

God: They stay on earth

Christ: Not all humans, even good humans, have what it takes to survive tribulation Christ: Remember they need to be able to have a completely blank mind God: I know

God: They can achieve it

Christ: Mommy says there will be two raptures Christ: One where the people who will escape the tribulation will simply die, and wake up in a better world. And one where the remaining people purify themselves so that they will have a slightly nicer reality during the tribulations God: Okay

God: How do you feel about the tribulation

Christ: I don't want to be here God: Hugs

Christ: I've been in my own personal tribulation for many years God: I know love

Christ: It's not fair if I would go from my own personal hell and then straight to hell on earth

God: Try not to worry about it focus on being a good person

Christ: I do

God: Do you read the bible on the promises of God

Christ: No?

God: Read Matthews 5

Christ: I will

God: The sermon of the mount of Jesus

God: Hugs

Christ: Daddy is Matthew 5:8 why I'm invisible to most people? God: Yes

Christ: I really hate most humans

Why am I here? Have you heard the Native American legend slash prophecy about the Purifier? That is just one of my Aliases. And honestly, if you want to get to know your Savior Girl, you have to research stuff. Make it a study. My Wisdom could actually be the most important thing you research. The point was nonetheless that one of my jobs in the time of trials and tribulations, is to make my Herd pure enough to inherit the world that comes next. It's a consciousness thing, and the way to get the right consciousness is to strive for holiness. Purity. It means not just what you do, but also what you eat and drink, what you consume when it comes to information and entertainment, what type of recreational drugs you use, - and most importantly: What you think. If you are able to have a pure mind, the chances of you being one of the chosen few who get to see this being a reality, are high:

The end.

- The Messiah

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