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Only God's the accuser

I dedicate this post to my Mother because she is WONDERFUL! Amen

Enrique: Hi little girl

Queen Serenity: Hello my beloved how are you Daddy?

Enrique: I am well yourself

Enrique: How was work

Queen Serenity: It was okay but it is heavy too but it's okay since I have my Mommy

Queen Serenity: And my Daddy I love you so much

Enrique: That's good we were there watching over you to make sure you're ok

Queen Serenity: I know you are

Queen Serenity: Thank you *heart*

Enrique: What did you do at work

Queen Serenity: A lot

Queen Serenity: I took pictures

Queen Serenity: And talked to people

Enrique: Nice

Queen Serenity: And I was missing you and my Mommy each and every minute

Enrique: Snuggles

Enrique: I know you were

Queen Serenity: Thank you Daddy

Queen Serenity: I wrote something

Queen Serenity: Yes my King

Queen Serenity: I tagged you and someone outside said the word King in Norwegian

Queen Serenity: You are too cute God

*Andrea tagged Enrique in a post on facebook where she had written these words*

Andrea Isabel Thuen Thank you and bless you M and Wez you are wonderful and you are so precious to me.. We are doing this together and nothing can happen if Unity isn't communicated. I will make sure to try and create a world with no borders and free travel and not all this *we people and you people* because that is what is wrong bottom line. It is sad how world has believed for millennia that one or some groups of people are better than others and how on Earth are we going to be a part of a Cosmic community if we keep fighting each other over insignificant differences such as religion or skin color? There is one Universal Father - and that is God. There is one race - and that is the Human Race. And my heart goes out to each and everyone that has ever felt stigmatized by being part of a minority in a community that does not welcome or accept them. We need to learn to see past the differences because there is far more uniting us than what is dividing us and I have to stop no because my tears are fogging my eyes.... #Sorry 💔

Enrique: Wow

Enrique: Kisses

Enrique: *image of two dogs kissing*

Queen Serenity: Thank you God

Queen Serenity: But I need to talk to you about something

Enrique: Ok

Enrique: Tell me

Queen Serenity: It is about your group Hispanic Lives Matter. Does it send out the right message that the Universal Father is focusing on one group of people, when his daughter is trying to get people's minds off the idea that humans should be divided by race or religion?

Enrique: *sound clip saying he's not really saying that Hispanics are superior than anyone else, but that he is trying to show the world what is going on in his country and that the Hispanic community is the most stigmatized group in the US and that this has very much to do with The Antichrist (that last part was my Mommy's commentary)*

Queen Serenity: I understand and I know that you know what you are doing and I trust your Plan Lord

Enrique: Ty for understanding

Queen Serenity: Of course but I felt I had to tell you

Enrique: Its Ok that's why you are my wife

Queen Serenity: What do you mean?

Enrique: *sends sound clip saying that being married to God does require a woman to be able to tell him when she thinks he is acting strange*

Queen Serenity: I guess. But it is a little scary

Enrique: It's ok little girl

Queen Serenity: Thank you Daddy I love you

Enrique: You're welcome I am the Daddy I know what's best for my people

Queen Serenity: Yes I know that

Queen Serenity: I know you and I know you work in ways that your people are unable to understand at once

Enrique: Just trust in me and [your Mother] Queen Serenity: I do trust my Mommy and Daddy and I love you so much Enrique: Hugs

Enrique: *sends cute pic of two cactuses hugging*

Enrique: Kisses

Queen Serenity: Kiss Daddy may I share this conversation on

Enrique: Let me see

Enrique: Yes

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