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I would never joke about my Brother's yoke (and this is NOT my idea of fun!!)

...umm. I may have made this headline on August 11th, and then this was simply just saved in my drafts folder on this blog editor. I need to ask my Bro something important. But I don't have time to wait indefinite amounts of moments for him to reply. And honestly, I don't even have stamina in order to make this post. I will save this post yet again as a draft, and pray I can write something that will make sense sometime later. Perhaps I have more hopes then...

*talks on the phone for an hour with #KingJewZeus, but doesn't dare to ask if it's okay to post a photo of the both of Us* *remembers that he said it was okay to post a GIF I made* *posts GIF of the two of Us, photo was taken in 2015 on the same day We took this photo*

I wish I was in Heaven and my Bro and I were kids and not struggling adults that nobody knew were actually Godz. I wish Heaven would be a reality on Earth too, and not just my small portion of it that manifests wherever I spend much of my time. Such as my Apartment in the small town of Stabekk, Bærum, Norway. This is what Wikipedia says about Bærum.

I don't feel good living here when most people care more about their distorted deity the golden calf (who has horns because Mammon is synonymous to Satan). I shared a few photos of my bff Moloch in this facebook post. Of course this bull creature isn't placed in Sandvika, Bærum because of religious connotations, but because of meat consumption. I Am against that too. I Am a vegetarian who eats some fishes on special occasions, such as my Birthday which was on July 12th - - - and my earthly male parent *still* hasn't given me a birthday present. Screw you and your ego, frode thuen. Do you want to know what my Mom tells me? That people who let their wishes for a good and honorable reputation and a secure and well renowned job that people respect you for, get in the way of your duty as a father, will lose said things. Do you wish to know what Mommy Mary told me about your job in the great and mighty newspaper Aftenprofeten? She consequently said that frode worked there. In past tense. But sure, keep listening to monsters and dragons and evil queens. See where it leads you. Sincerely, Princess Christ.

About Mt. Carmel, I can tell you one little thing. It never ends. I keep walking and walking and climbing and climbing without ever seeing the top of it. I believe my Daddy will actually need to make his evil plans of a one world government using evil puppets such as Donald's Rump, become a reality, before world will actually realize that #JesusAndChrist are effing Back From The Dead. And honestly - - - I Am dying a little more each day from that horrible and evil part of scripture that says this:

Mark 13:32, KJV:

"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father."

And honestly, I believe this passage is meant to taunt Us forever. My Bro is so and so, he's calm about all this. Except that he is broke, doesn't have a car or a permanent place to stay. I have an Apartment that I've even bought (and a mortgage, of course) and enough foods to last for a long time. But I am the one who is... umm... yoked, because I do the difficult job this time around. That is why I say to my Bro each time I, with tears in my eyes, complain about my situation - that it's okay. I can almost yell at him because I'm so desperate and feel so powerless from this endless struggle. But I will always add: But it's okay. Because I know that back then, he had to die on his way to reach the top of Mt. effing Carmel. Sorry, Daddy - I try not using bad words. But We're tired now - both of Us. I'll quit this rant now. I will spend the next hours talking to Mommy about Our situation. Also I will pray for you, Dad, that the heat wave in your land will go away. Possibly I will pray that all of hell freezes over. We could use some ice age now. Fimbulwinter, some call it. And they have been warning all of earth that winter is coming, haven't they? I wouldn't know. I Am five and I only watch cartoons. That is why my arts are more childish than my bff Akiane's. But here it is:

Let It Go! That will show you worms and monkeys and pigs who your Godz are. Amen

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