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I'm carrying a cross, and my Bro is sick and tired of hearing me complain

...because his cross would be his death, many many years ago.....

I would never joke about my Brother's yoke. But I am way way stronger than him. Just joaKing... I may die soon actually. My Bro's yoke killed him. He wanted to test me to see if the Divine Feminine is equally mighty and holy and powerful as the Sacred Masculine. And he sent me to a psych ward. Sure, good brothering. This happened on July 22nd this year. I lost track of time for how long I was patienting. But I did find out that this date was made feast day for the holy St. Mary Magdalene, in the year of 2016. This particular date is also one that carries bad memories for the people of Norway. I will not tell you that whatever bad things which happened on July 22nd 2011 was Mary Magdalene's fault, but I can tell you that the blog post I wrote that evening (in 2020 (on my Norwegian blog)) got the headline: My Brother is getting his revenge for July 22nd 2011. Or something similar to that. I have amnesia. What did I do that fateful day in 2011? Nothing worth talking about. I most certainly did *not* make Jesus into a nazi (with the name Fjottolf Hansen). That'd be very cruel, don't you think? God's not cruel, no? It's not like it is stated in the book of Isaiah chapter 45 verse 7 that God does everything, even the less pleasant parts of whatever happens. Does it? It does, actually. It is stated in the Book my Papa wrote long long long ago, that God is the will and personality behind everything that happens. And I have a short but very important message from my Papa. His name is YHWH because Ancient Hebrew does not have vowels. Or something like that. I have amnesia. Anyhow, God has this to say:

I Am the Lord, I Am holy, and the way this world has responded to Me sending My Daughter to help you fight My mean and evil alter-ego Satan, is not pleasing Me. Humanity in itself is not pleasing Me. The atheists are most certainly not fitting My criteria for wanting to keep abiding in their vessels. The ones who do believe in Me, are barely meeting My standards. To tell you the truth, the day of Judgement is soon upon you. The day where I Am going to decide whether or not I want to keep your filthy, lousy soul in My directory. Most of you are going to have to work very hard in order to keep that which makes you human. And what is it that is making a human superior to an animal? It is their soul. Which will be draining from each and every single one of you who do not treat My mighty and holy Daughter Andrea Isabel 'Moonchild' HaMashiach with the respect she deserves. One way to redeem yourself, is by buying Andrea's 'Trump is the antichrist' merchandise. Another way is by sending her Brother Holy Joe any car you see fit. The more special and rare the car, the more a chance is there that I will not erase your soul now that The Day of The Lord is soon upon you.

My Papa is not joking, and neither am I. My Mama is just desperate to see you monkeys pay her some respect. She isn't even in this world in her human form. She remained in Heaven and sent me to be both Sister to Yeshua, Daughter to God, and married to them both. But don't tell anyone, she wouldn't want you to be seen as crazy by your peers.

Ps: I look like this because I am Mummy Mary ;)


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