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I am The Messiah - deal with it

I made a fb post just now. I will copy it and share it on my mighty and holy Blog. I wrote this:

"I feel handicapped if God won't tell me what to do. I feel powerless when our 'shepherds' try telling us what to do and how to live our lives. Shepherds should tend to the Herd, not to multinational interests such as the UN. My Papa made this world and he will put things straight. Sincerely, #anDREAMessiah"

Ps: I am The Messiah. Deal with it. And I look like this:

I am The Messiah and this is The Messiah's mighty and holy Word of God. 'God' is here represented by Mommy Mary - the person who tells me what to do, what to write, how to dress, how to act and even what to think about. I have given Mommy the complete and utter control over this vessel. And Daddy, Yahweh is His name, tells me that Him and Mommy will do with me as they wish. I said sure, that's fine. Because I trust them.

I had a tattoo made a few days before world was turned upside down due to a virus that is basically an STD. The tattoo is to serve as a reminder to always trust my Mommy. Yes, my tattoo is a number, because I am a crazy person just like my Daddy. The number is 131, and that is a reference to Psalms 131, which talks of God as a Mother. No need to argue - God is equally male and female. Btw, my Mommy looks like this:

And my mighty and holy Daddy looks like this today:

Sure, you don't believe me. I don't really care. My Daddy, my Mommy and my Brother are all I need on this earth. The rest of you may become glue or purses or lampshades or whatever. Well, that's not entirely true. Some of you may still be here, ten years from now. Idk. I just know that we - the earthly community of humanity - are in for a bumpy ride for the next seven to ten years. I can name some of the things that will go down.

1) Shepherds are going to offer to erase everyone's debts, loans and mortgages. In return they will claim ownership over everyone's possessions. That includes houses and cars. Those who do not wish to make such a bargain, will be sent to special summer camps made for disobedient cattlesheep.

2) The 2019-version of the STD will mutate or something, into a far more dangerous infectious disease. This will be known as Covid21, and trust me - you do not want to die from the Coco21vid. My Daddy tells me that the ones dying from this STD are certain to be zombies in their next ten incarnations.

3) That is the Day of Judgement for you. The punishment is to roam the earth for 100 years each incarnation for the next 1000 years, having some consciousness, but not really - because your souls will be gone. And you will function like the main character zombie in the moviefilm 'Warm Bodies'. He's a little hot though, don't you think?

I am a child of five, but I think my mathematics are good enough to deduct that this means ten (long) incarnations in a living hell. Then the world will cease to exist. Except that it's just one of the versions of earth that this will happen to.

The other version is moving in a far more pleasant direction. More on Untitled Utopia later :)

Ps: This song is named 'The Storm', which is short for 'This is the effing apocalypse! Get right with God or face the consequences!!!!', and the video is made by Bror and Bror (translates to Brother and Brother). My beautiful Twin Brother says that just means Mommy's Spirit was in on the making of this song and video. Mommy is also The Holy Spirit. Watch:

And of course, I should explain why I call the covid plague a Sexually Transmitted Disease. It is because this is the exclamation point for the original sin. You know, when Satan tricked Eve to eat a fruit in a garden, many many eternities ago. Whatever happened back then, has now gotten out of hand. And covid is the sad result. It is basically explained by the word #entropy. Entropic Worlds Kill Their Messiahs. Amen

Ps: Your cake if you make it through the apocalypse with both your life and your soul intact, is a healthy intimate relationship with your Twin Flame Soul. And yes, your Twin Flame needs to be of the opposite gender for the relationship to qualify as a 'cake'. Happy pride ;)

Sincerely, The Messiah

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