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Entropic worlds kill their messiahs

Messiah: He Knows God

Messiah: I wouldn't know God if it was not for him

Messiah: He is having difficulties with God's fans, with religion and with most Christians

God: God uses people to bring us to him

God: I understand his views

God: I'm the same way

Princess Usagi: Yes. And he can talk to me not just using his actual words but he can tell me where to open my Bible app using numbers he puts in the conversation in some completely different context. He will say some and the voice in my heart will fill in the blanks

Princess Usagi: He was the one single person that was always treating me nicely and not as a head case, when everyone else were

God: How long have you known him for how many years

Princess Usagi: Since 2007

God: That's a long time

Princess Usagi: Yes

God: How did you meet him

Princess Usagi: When I first met him I was so angry with him. Because I knew I had met him before. But we hadn't in this life. And then we spent the whole night fighting and then we fell in love

God: How long were you together for

God: Hugs

Princess Usagi: Two years

God: Why did you break up

Princess Usagi: Will tell you in a little while

Princess Usagi: I love you

God: Ok princess Usagi

God: Kisses

Princess Usagi: I am so drained

Princess Usagi: My friend Kim is giving me a healing

God: Who's Kim again

Princess Usagi: He's my friend who is also talking with God and he does energy work and wants to help people improve their lives

God: Amen

God: I'm glad

God: How does he heal you

Princess Usagi: He's my closest confident or what's it called. He's assigned to be my closest one in meeting with psychiatry

God: Good

God: I'm glad you do

Princess Usagi: He is working with the energies in and around me remotely

God: Is it by distance

Princess Usagi: Yes

Princess Usagi: And to answer your question. I ended the relationship with Joe because you told me to

God: Ah ok

Andrea Isabel HaMashiach: I was very confused

God: But I'm glad you are still his friend

Princess Usagi: His sister

God: Yes

God: You are being a good sister to him

Princess Usagi: Also he made me break up with him once more a few years later

God: What does your family think of Joe

Princess Usagi: My mom is finally accepting him. Ellen likes him. The rest are delusional

God: And what does your family think of Alex

Princess Usagi: They like him

Princess Usagi: Kim spoke with frode

Princess Usagi: He is very insisting that I am the crazy one

God: Kim or Alex

Princess Usagi: Frode

Princess Usagi: Thuen

God: Ok

Princess Usagi: Former father

God: Have you spoken to him

Princess Usagi: I asked if we could meet in Bergen next week. He said no. That I need to accept his evil wife in my life or he wants nothing to do with me

God: Hugs


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