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Fix your compass

In my previous post I talked about how the choice humans have in the Apocalypse is between becoming a Monk or becoming a monkey. Now I will write about something that does concern the same topic, but not quite. It's a text about the traps of following the wrong voices. And yes, I mean voices in your heads. Many people are experiencing a connection to a power greater than themselves. But not all powers are good. There's basically only one path that is good. The path that my Brother meant to lead people onto, when he had my Job 2000 years ago. It was just that so much of Yeshua's original intentions were misunderstood, miscommunicated, ignored or distorted. That wasn't really the point of this text, though. I was meaning to tell you about how everyone who feel they communicate with angels, spirits, guides etcetera etcetera, ned to fix their compasses - so that the needle points North. Both metaphorically and literally. Because Yeshua and Mary Magdalene's current incarnations are located in a land quite far north. Norway. You don't have to believe me, I honestly don't care. I'm simply doing my job informing you about what God tells me.

This is me. A photograph of me and my Brother was taken on the same day, but I'm not allowed to share pictures of him until you accept me as your Messiah :/

So what does God tell me? He is telling me that I am here to point people towards the right path; the right way to be a Christian. The right way to be spiritual. Stating everyone has their own truth isn't really how things work anymore - now that Doomsday is The New Normal. Actually I'm not here to tell you how to be religious or spiritual. I am here to teach you how to listen to God. And then God will show you the path. Of course I will share my personal opinion on things, but the real Teacher is my Mother - God's female form. She's the one who will talk to you, if you attend my Online Seminary where I will teach you how to survive the Apocalypse. And again, I don't care if you don't believe me. That just means you're a goat.

In case you are wondering, you survive the Apocalypse if you are able to have an entirely silent mind. That's one of the things my Seminary will teach you. I will also tell you secrets, using my App, that may very likely keep the Select Few (the Sheep) alive. This is the App.

I think that would be all for now. Pentecost is nearing its end here in Norway, and my Father did not open the eyes of humans so that I may be allowed to get to business. What he says, is that it is only by making your inner world a sanctuary, that we as a collective will be able to flip this script and Save The World. It's not something The Messiah will be doing alone. She will need just the right amount of followers on her App referred to as Elsewhere. Only if people register on the App, will she be allowed to change the hearts and minds of the people whose names are written in the Book of Life. Fun fact: A few days ago my Daddy told me to change the name of the Community my App is housing. What's its new name?

The Book of Life. You would want to have your name in it!

Amen - Shekina

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