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Perfect the way humans behave

I've been feeling very down lately. My reasons for feeling down isn't something I want to share for everyone to see. But I can tell you that it's about being in my power, when 'my power' sometimes consists of extremely frustrating energies. I managed to do something about these energies yesterday, and the first page of my new and improved fanatic cartoon was made. I also made a new Blog, where I will share this cartoon. I also built up the courage to tell my Brother about the cartoon, and to tell him that it may possibly be about him and I. He didn't mind. I'm always scared that me making him the leading male character in my psychotic fantasy is going to make him angry. Maybe that in fact is what is 'psychotic'. To believe that my Brother is anything but on board with my delusions?

Anyhow, my name is Andrea Isabel, and I am here to perfect the way humans behave. I know you don't believe me, and that's okay. There will soon come a time where humans will have the choice between letting me help them become the best possible versions of themselves, or... umm... I don't really want to talk about it. But on fb I told one of my friends that in the Apocalypse, humans get the choice between becoming a Monk or a monkey.

Of course, my belief that God is going to take away people's human consciousness is also a delusion. That's not what the Apocalypse is about. The Apocalypse will be about a sick totalitarian medical tyranny, the collapse of modern society, a scarcity of everything we've been used to having, internment, incarceration and annihilation. To name a few things. But yes, it may be the case that one does not exclude the other. It may be the case that the humans who don't do everything in their power to avoid becoming a 'monkey', are going to fall victim to whatever cruel ways my Father intends to use in order to rid this world of the humans he so rightfully considers animals. Do you want to see my Sacred Cartoon btw?

Don't be alarmed, you finding this holy Website may possibly be what saves not just your life, but also your soul. The thing is that a human's soul is the very essence of its human consciousness. Which means that when my Brother said that a person who has little, will be stripped off of everything he or she has, talks about this: God will remove the souls from the humans not worthy of having a soul. Which also means that those humans won't get to think rational thoughts anymore, but function more like animals. Ape-ocalypse, anyone? And sure, I'm just a lunatic who has no idea what she's talking about. I took the covid19 lethal injection, my soul must be long gone already. False. Some of us, the ones of us who understand Psalm 91, also understand that whatever cruelty God is inflicting on the world, won't really harm us. Because we are fully protected by God, his Wife and his two Children.

Did I tell you about what happened when [shepherds] sent me a text message inviting me to get injected? I was freaking out and didn't know how to react, because I knew God wanted me to accept. I just didn't want to do it. But right that moment a wasp flew into my apartment. It flew straight to the Cross I have hung inside my wall altar next to my balcony door. The wasp landed on the Cross, walked around a little, and then it flew out. My Brother, who talks to me telepathically, told me that whatever poison [shepherds] try to inject in me, loses its power when he is the center of my focus. You don't belive me? Look, I filmed it!

Yes, I've been feeling down lately. My Job is quite a challenge at times. Being The Messiah isn't what I had been imagining for what feels like half my life. In fact someone told me, a long time ago, that my story would be more like the story of Job, than of someone who is actually God's absolute favorite. But I understand how God works, and I know that because he loves me so much, he has given me the most challenging life anyone has ever had. Or at least it feels like that for me. He did it so that I didn't have a choice but to work on becoming the best possible version of myself. The purest possible version. He wanted me to be pure enough to be his Spouse. And his Son's Spouse (Joey has me add). So I lost my thoughts.

My Brother says I have to wrap it up, because I have other important Messiah business to attend to. Daddy says I need to share a short excerpt of our holy chat, and to tell you that it's directed at (many) Christians. Can I tell you a secret? When my Brother said that the first will be the last, he talked about how those who have been his fans their whole lives, are the ones who will have the hardest time accepting Who I Am, and to accept that I do in fact bring good news about The Second Coming of my Brother. I'm the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, btw, and I am The Divine Feminine's human form. In fact I am The Holy Spirit as a person, and today is actually Pentecost. I asked Daddy to open people's eyes today, but I know he won't. Because Proverbs 1:20-33 has to be fulfilled. So I'll work from the shadows, as always, cursing each and every human that ignores me or tries to silence me. Amen :)

- Princess Christ

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