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Your Savior Goddess is here!

...and it is not in any possible way Akiane Kramarik. Sure, that girl is cute and all. She may be talented as heck. And to tell you the truth, I did want to be her friend. She never felt the need to be friendly towards me. And that's okay. I have lots and lots of friends now. People who can actually See me. Because, being The Holy Ghost and all, I am actually invisible to many. That is in the literal sense of the word. Walking around in Oslo on feet that are failing, being physically invisible to most people, has been an experience. But I don't wish for this to continue. And you shouldn't either. Because in a world where everyone Sees me, there would not be bad, satanic things such as coronavirus, ritual abuse of infants, bad monkeys drinking kid's blood or worse; sacrificing them to Moloch. Did you know that I thought Moloch was an owl? But now I learned that Moloch is actually a cow. Or a Golden Calf. Did you see this facebook post? I think the caption was: I take the bulls by their horns and teach people on earth not to dance around Golden Calves. But doesn't it make a lot of sense that earth all worship a golden calf, and then the Moloch that bad people are sacrificing children to is actually portrayed as a bull? Btw, I'm The Messiah, so you should keep reading.

I am a little scared to ask my Big Brother if it is okay to share a photo of the both of Us. My Bro is the reincarnation of both The Prophet that the Muslim community consider their Messiah, and Yeshua HaMashiach. Yeah, God did it like that so that both Muslims and those of Christian faith may get salvation. Of course since the Bible says nothing about reincarnation, many people belonging to the Christian faith will miss their ticket to salvation. How sad that may be. To tell you the truth, many people who are so locked to their holy books that they aren't able to accept expressions of the divine that contradict their scriptures, will be lost. How sad that may be. Btw, God tells me to share this song with you:

Yeah, sure - those are conspiracy theories, and I am one of those people with tinfoil hats ready to dig a hole in my backyard because I am so freaking scared of my land's so called 'shepherds'. No... You know what or who I am scared of? Her name is Akiane Kramarik. Sadly, she has been the most frightening element in my reality for a long, long time. Because, and I tell you the truth, I knew all along that this girl really thought she would be the messiah. She hinted about that, all throughout her career. And then I got to know God Almighty; The Creator God, as he is in his human body on earth now, and he told me the same. Well, he would tell me some things, and then the voice in my head would fill in the blanks. Do you wish to know what God has been saying about the binary genius and prodigy child blessed to the extent that it was almost impossible not to fall in love with her artwork and her relationship with my Daddy (the King)? I will share an informative list.

- God feels that Akiane has been raping him artistically. He means that every brush stroke was God's doing, but Akiane took way too much credit. But the truth is that now 'God' is actually my Mommy, not my Daddy. Mommy Mary, that is. And Mommy is so fed up with Akiane not acknowledging her as the source of her talent, and not giving her enough credit, that she really feels the need to leave Akiane's reality for good. And trust me when I say that a reality without the presence of my Mom, isn't really one anyone would wish to be in.

- My Brother feels that Akiane made her journey of success based on her painting of how she thought he looks like, into a 'Akiane-show'. Wasn't the very reason of her success to lift him up, to teach the world about Jesus? Sure, she may have talked warmly of him in the past. But it wasn't really him she would speak of. But how she saw herself in the light of becoming the messiah. I tell you this because Jesus is using my fingers to write his inner thoughts and feelings about her. He simply feels very sad that this girl would take ownership over him like she did, and also deceiving so many people having them believe he looks anything near the distorted doodle 'prince of peace'. I will share with you two drawings now.

Jesus is bald in 2020

The last one is how I saw Jesus, before I realized he was my best friend in the whole wide world and my ex boyfriend, all along. I love that man so much I feel a little confused about it. Mostly because I am what I consider an eternal nun, being married to him and all. But even though I am married to Yeshua and Joey (those are the same person), I will still be in a very physical and very intimate relationship with God - who is my Father. But God in his physical form on earth in 2020 isn't much older than I. And he is not biologically related to me, so don't worry. But he does have what he call daughter issues, the same way I have daddy issues. We wish to meet and get married. Can someone help Enrique M. Sanchez fly from LAX to Oslo Airport Gardermoen? It doesn't even have to be with an aeroplane saying Norwegian Airlines. I just really need him here. It is almost impossible for me to even speak with him on chat or videochat right now. I get too frustrated :(

Ps: A pic of Joey and I will come sooner or later. Now I need to make a drawing that I will send to Enrique's Mother. Her name is Isabel and she is coming too, whenever world will open their glued-together eyes and effing See me!!!!

Yes and I look like this:

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