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You're the God of miricles

Today is my boyfriend's birthday. And because I am not Enrique Manual Sanchez's biological father, I try giving him something for his bday.... *eye roll*... Speaking of eye:

I made this last evening. It's God's symbol. Did you think it was the Illuminati symbol? Well, God is taking his symbol back. The same way he is taking the effing rainbow back. Did you know that Mommy Mary, who has been gone from this world's population's minds and hearts for a long, long time, is repulsed from seeing what the rainbow and especially the rainbow flag, means now? You wouldn't know, would you? The idea of being accountable to some higher power; that there would be some sort of judgement, is almost inconceivable to most of you. Well, here's a fun story. God is real, God is angry, and God is effing Illuminati.

Which should tell you something Qte. What?, you may ask. That the one world government, the one world religion and also the sweet, little rule that most people are aware is stated on The Georgia Guide Stones, is absolutely and in every way going to be set in action. What are the Georgia Guide Stones? And what is the rule? Well, to tell you the truth, they are a set of rules for the new world that God is creating. And how sad it may be, that world will only have room for approximately 500 000 0000 humans. Five hundred million humans, that is.

I posted this photo to my facebook with the caption: "My Holy Family doesn't really care for recycling, to be honest".

But that was a digression. I was writing a text because it's my boyfriend's birthday today. On September 4th, that is. But Daddy says this text is finished because I need to do other more important things now. I can't imaging what could be more important than to tell you worms that today is flipping Doomsday, but I won't argue with God almighty. For f*cks sake.


Ps: I look like this

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