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You are so amazing effed up!

Humanity's inability to take their God seriously astounds me. As I stated someplace online a few months ago: At this point it just seems like a bad joke. But it isn't a joke. You would rather see the world end and your own soul be removed, than to take me seriously. Myself, I'm not a joke either, not some performance art project or comedy experiment. I am the real deal. And your inability to neither take me seriously nor focus on my Message, has become your sentence. My Husband Lulu and I were chatting about it Here. We were chatting about how my Boss is the devil, and how my 13 years in Hell would make me very clever, wise and resilient. But most of all, my 13 years in Hell would enable me to trust God more than any human has ever trusted God. Apart from when my Brother and Mother were here together, 2000 years ago. But this world is messed up, so of the two of them my Brother was the only one who would be remembered as some divine entity. I was talking to my Father about this the other day. That the Goddess deserves to have a voice. I don't remember what he replied, but it was probably just "Hugs". And forgive me if this Blog Post is shorter than usual. My energy is draining by the hour, from this world's inability to focus on its Goddess.

Not really stressed, and you will soon see how blessed I am.

Umm... it seems this was all my Father would let me write today. Make sure to check out the link I shared. The one to a post where I am chatting with my Husband Lucifer. Lolz

- Daughter of Heaven

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