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Why The Messiah is angry at God

Hello. I am God's Beloved. I imagine that sounds nice and all. But being The Messiah isn't really what I was expecting. Being The Messiah actually means that I am angrier at God than most people are. Sure, he is being sweeter to me than to most people. Still... I'm really angry. Most of all I am angry because of Mark 13:32. I have hated that Scripture for years. I am angry because of Proverbs 1:20-33. And I am angry because of the text in Isaiah stating The Messiah would keep suffering and suffering for what seems like forever. This text in particular makes me so angry I haven't bothered to look it up. And I am very tired. Like, existentially exhausted. But because I am fated to become Queen of the whole Cosmos, I can't really die. So the alternative is that I suffer through an existence where I'm mostly too exhausted to function. And okay, Daddy does promise me that things will be better soon. But really, he has been telling me this for years. Literally. And before you make any assumptions, I do not claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus. But he's one of my best friends, almost as if he was my Twin Brother. And the rules of this game is that he can't show the world Who He Is until you accept me as your Messiah. This means that the world will continue to burn; people will continue to suffer; Satan will gain more and more power - until you allow me to be your Savior Girl. I promise you that you won't be disappointed. I am literally hilarious. And supercute, when I try my hardest. I look like this, by the way:

And I know what you're thinking. How can she be The Messiah? What basis does she have for her claims? I have lots. But people's ears are deliberately filled with excrements; their eyes are deliberately glued together. God does it on purpose. He says that it wouldn't be safe for me to come out of the closet, because of how evil this world is. Still, my Daddy is behind the evils going on as well. Isaiah 45:7 states that, even though most Christians like to ignore this Scripture. But yes, my Daddy is clearly contradicting himself. But doesn't he always? Who else knows God as a beautiful paradox? I for one certainly do. And even though I am very angry at God, I am also very happy about the life he has given me. Okay, he did make sure I got a deadly illness on my 23rd birthday. He made sure I was locked up for years because I claimed he was my Daddy. And he made me break up with my Twin Flame Soul, only to disclose to me that he was the reincarnated Jesus himself. The short version of my story is that it's really dark and filled with agony, despair and heartbreak. But throughout it all, I always had my Daddy. And my Brother. My Brother was with me both as a human person, and as the Jesus that most Christians have some sort of relationship with.

The main reason why I'm angry at God isn't because he's being mean to me. Mommy, who is the one person in my Family that is always good to me, tells me that my trials have to answer to my rewards. And because God is so cruel to me, it implies that my Cake will be the biggest of all cakes ever made. Both physical cakes and symbolic Cakes. Some would call it 'carrots'. You get my drift? Something to keep me going, even when I feel life's nothing but an endless series of disappointments. Because I am The White Rabbit, I found it very sweet that Mommy made a jacket for me that had embroidery of a bunny reaching for a carrot. I think pics of said jacket are in my archives. My indifference restricts me from sharing all my pearls with you. I really don't like humans. Sadly. My point was, nonetheless, that I'm angry at God because he lets this continue. He lets the ending of the world continue, and he lets my suffering continue. The world is a horrible place ruled by Satan. Yes, Satan exists - despite Isaiah 45:7. Some would say it just makes God sound mad. Like mentally ill. And I couldn't agree more. God is in charge of the good things that happen, and the bad things too. Like he's battling with himself for world domination? Something like that. But what many humans aren't aware of, is that a world's population's consciousness and the world's deity's mentality are interconnected. Which means that humans have to defeat Satan on a personal level in order for God to allow for the good side of him to Triumph in this battle. How do humans defeat Satan on a personal level? They strive for holiness, of course. What makes humans the most impure? Their thoughts. Please quit thinking, or the whole Universe will end. To be honest, I wouldn't mind. I'll just go back to Heaven and then I get to be a Child for eternity with my Brother. I'm literally indifferent.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but The Messiah is here, and Jesus is an actual human being who came into this world the day after me. He's amazing and much much cooler and funnier than I. And he has so many good ideas on how to solve all global issues. We are Elohim, which is Hebrew and means Godz. Plural. When my Brother was named Yeshua, my name was Mary. Mary Magdalene. And if you won't open your eyes soon, We will simply leave this doomed abyss and go Elsewhere. Then you can lament over Proverbs 1:20-33 and the rest of my Sacred Texts. I don't really care. I'll be busy eating Cake :)


- The Messiah

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