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Why I'm not dead

Hello world! I will write a Scientific Article now, about why I'm not dead. One would say there could be many reasons for that. But the truth is this: The only way I would possibly die, is if I chose to die by my own hands. If I decided to kill myself. And if you know me, you also know that I would never do such a thing. But I have had a difficult life, with lots of terrible things happening; lots of terrible things being done to me. And I have to be honest with you and tell you that in my youth I did consider doing the unthinkable. But I didn't. I won't tattoo semicolons on my body because of this. The only reason I'm telling you this, is for the sake of this Blog Post. This Blog Post will be about my necklace that stands as a monument, a symbol and a reminder that even though God gave me a difficult life, he's got a plan.

I used to think that an angel saved my life.

I bought this necklace on the day suicide felt the most appealing. I was 14, and lived with my mother. A few months before that I had moved back home, after having lived for half a year in my father's house. The reason I decided to live with him and his family, was because I was miserable living with my mother. I knew that living with him wouldn't be easy, but at the time I thought that anywhere would be better than living with my mom. Realizing that 1) It was literally hell to live with my dad and his spouse, and 2) I was just as depressed living with my mom, filled me with a hopelessness and despair that I felt only death could solve.

So in a desperate moment I ran from our house, determined I would jump from a tall structure overlooking the railway tracks. But standing there I changed my mind, and walked down the stairs to the train station instead. And I took the first train that arrived, deciding I'd go to a town a short train ride from where I lived. I was a child, and going off alone like that wasn't something I would normally do. But I'm glad I did. I took the train to the town, and walked to the shopping center. The only thing I bought was this necklace. I wasn't particularly religious at that time, but I know God was with me even then. I don't remember why I chose this design, but there is a possibility I felt I really needed an angel. It is, nonetheless, the rest of the story surrounding this necklace that is interesting. The story of how I got it is just depressing. And I try not writing depressing posts, when world in itself is so depressing. Bear with me, it's for a good cause. One of the reasons is to tell you the story of my 'semicolon', and show you how it was God who got me through my darkest time.

At 21 I looked to God for the first time.

I was 21 when I began my spiritual walk. Seeing my difficulties in the light of God's plans became a way for me to cope with everything. When I was 22 I had a very important dream. And the necklace was represented in the dream. The truth is that I rarely wear this necklace, I rarely have. When I was 16 someone really wanted to buy it, but even then I felt it was important I kept it. In the dream I will tell you about now, I was given a pointer as to how important it was for me to never part with this particular piece of jewelry. In my dream I talked to a woman who was, somehow, meant to represent Satan. She told me that what she wanted more than anything, was to snatch my necklace. Then she showed me what necklace she was talking about - it was this one. But instead of a picture of an angel, it was a picture of me. She showed me what would happen if she managed to take the necklace. It was illustrated with me being sucked down the drain in a hot tub. God later explained that the only way Satan would be able to snatch my necklace, was if I committed suicide. And that me being sucked down a drain was meant to illustrate how all my memories, my soul's combined experience from all the countless lives I've had, would be erased. Imagine death, and multiply it by infinity. That is what 'oblivion' means. The worst punishment imaginable.

For many years I was afraid of this metaphysical drain. I felt that my soul was jeopardized and that every little mistake could potentially lead to not just this life being erased, but all lives I've had. I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that each death simply is one chapter ending, in the book of that particular soul's combined lives. Some books are longer than others, and I've learned that my book is the longest one of all. I mean, I Am Christ herself, after all. What the lady meant, was that she would snatch that which makes me Christ. And one of the reasons I Am Christ, is the fact that God made my soul first of all. Even before he made this universe. God made my Bro's soul first, though. But We are Twins, with him being the firstborn. In this life my Bro is born the day after me, but he was made before me even so. Because I was born 4 weeks premature, and he wasn't. But that was a digression.

It was my Bro who was nailed to a Cross, but We are sharing all experiences.

Even though I feel it's important to tell you about how one of the Hebrew names for God, Elohim, actually translates to Gods - plural, and how Jesus is Back From The Dead together with his Twin Flame Mary Magdalene, this Scientific Article was supposed to be about the magical necklace that saved my life, 19 years ago. The dream I mentioned isn't the only time God has reminded me about this necklace, you see. I can actually think of three times when I have gotten spiritual readings from people with psychic abilities, and God has showed them this particular necklace as mental images. One of these readings was from a very precious friend of mine, and we were sitting in my apartment. When my friend said that God showed him a necklace as a mental image, I was able to show my friend the actual necklace. He said: "Yes, that was exactly what I saw!". And that's cute. All over, I find God's plans for my life adorable. I find God adorable, and I thank him for always keeping me safe.


- Princess Christ

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