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Who is Caliope Isabel

And why is she very insistingly claiming that Donald's Rump is the antichrist? Why is she calling him 'FührerPotus' and 'OrangeHitler' in her hastags on facebook? Amongst many other Qte names. Why is one of her hashtags #MakeAntifaGreatAgain? Who is 'Antifa'? And who is her beautiful Twin Brother? And ffs, why is she claiming that her earthly female parent is the devil? To tell you the truth, all these questions have very well documented answers. It's just that you will not get all the replies from reading just one of her blog posts. Caliope and her reality is worth a study. And trust me when I say that if you want to get to know me and how I see the world, you will be rewarded. Since my Daddy is a King, and my Mommy is a God. My Brother is just a jerk, and he is planning on doing bad things on earth. That is why he put me in a cage. I came to this cage on July 22nd this year. And the blog post I wrote on my Norwegian blog was named something like this:

My Brother gets his revenge for what I wrote about him on July 22nd 2011

What did I write about him that day? Nothing anyone needs to know. But it is a sad chapter of #JesusAndChrist's history. But what I realized, my first day in this cage, is that in 2016 Pope Francis declared July 22nd to be the feast day of St. Mary Magdalene. And that's Qte, dont't you think? What happened in 2016 that was of significance for Joey and I? We got married - somehow. But that's like super super secret. Because Joe is a closeted homosexual, and I am a nun. I'm joaking, don't worry. I am just a very very troubled Child - a Moonchild. And that is mainly because my Dad favored my Brother 2000 years ago. To the extent that no one even knew I was his Child too. Joey and I always knew, though. But his Mom and I hated each other... (Mommy tells me to post a picture now. I think I know which)

I posted this pic on facebook with this as a caption: "I'm helping my Brother out with his relocation to another land right next to Heaven and I brought him a dolly to watch over him and since I care very much for him and would be very sad if anyone would fail to have their hearts on fire over him since he is #KingJewZeus amen"

But I am very sad now. And that is mainly because someone is going to be killing me tomorrow at 15. That is the same time as 3 pm. But I am located in Asker, Norway. And here we write our time like that. I didn't really think it would go this far. But I did realize that if the Divine Feminine would be as holy and mighty and powerful as the Sacred Masculine, something similar would need to happen to her - as what happened to Yeshua HaMashiach 2000 years ago. I just feel it's unfair though. Because I am a lady. A girl, actually. I feel more like a twelve-year-old than my actual age. And in the letters from my bff (lolz just kidding) Paul, it says that the hierarchy between the genders implies that a female is supposed to be somehow protected by the male. And I do feel protected. But *not* by my actual Husband. I feel protected by my Daddy The King and my Mommy. I have a photo of her how she looks like where I am at. But I am very scared to post it online. Because they are very very strict about posting photos of any kind from inside these facilities.

(And I will *not* do that. Because I tried saving this post as a draft, and what happened was that I got an error message saying this post is also being edited in another window. I do not think anyone were actually editing my post, as I managed to save it and keep writing. But first I had to change my Wifi connection from hospital's network for guests and patients (slash political prisoners?), and to my own that I have on my Android telephone....)

Umm... My beautiful Twin Brother says that I need to quit writing now. But I feel I have to keep writing. Because I believe it may save my life. But he tells me to trust him. And he tells me to post This Song.....

Caliope Isabel Hansen

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