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...when you wrestle with The Lord

Context: Andrea Messiah's internet boyfriend is coming to her in the clouds very soon. She's having second thoughts.

Usagi: I don't know if I feel it's right for you to come (God's Voice in Andrea's head tells her to trust him, and that she will get her Cake and that she will get to eat it)

Mamoru: My flight is already paid for Mamoru: And plus I'm going to see you Mamoru: I'm not going for anything else

Mamoru: We will have plenty of alone time Mamoru: Just wait until I get there

(You would want to read the chat until the end. Seriously!)

Usagi: It's not that Usagi: My soul is in so much pain. My whole body hurts. And my head is really not working

Mamoru: Hugs you

Mamoru: Holds my hand

Usagi: It's like all of me is protesting

Mamoru: Pretty one

Mamoru: Kiss your Daddy

Mamoru: Andrea Chan

Usagi: Mommy says that the people who aren't in a romantic and intimate relationship with their Soul's other half, will not survive the Apocalypse

Mamoru: You will be talking to mommy in person so you can ask her questions

Usagi: How is that right if my Soul's other half is Joey?

Mamoru: You'll be fine you just feel scared I understand this is a big step for you for both of us

Usagi: I don't want to die Usagi: I don't think the rules are different for Joey and I Usagi: If I was to meet you it would mean I would have to sacrifice ever being in a relationship with him. And we would both die Usagi: As would this Universe

Mamoru: You'll be fine

Mamoru: You will not die

Mamoru: Neither will me or Joey

Mamoru: Don't worry so much

Usagi: But I have to tell you how much my soul objects

Usagi: It is in agonizing pain

Mamoru: I control your soul Mamoru: Pretty one

Usagi: So you want it to scream?

Mamoru: Do you trust me

Usagi: Do I have a choice?

Mamoru: Do you love me and [Mommy]

Usagi: Of course

Mamoru: I'm going to be there for you

Mamoru: To protect you from the Negaverse

Usagi: I don't understand any of this Usagi: Why did I fall in love with God if I'm meant to be with Jesus?

Mamoru: God and Jesus are the same person part of the Trinity

Usagi: Well you are two human beings Usagi: And I am unable to choose one over the other Usagi: But I know that if I sacrifice Joey I will die

Mamoru: You won't die

Mamoru: Come to Daddy

Mamoru: Sit on my lap

Mamoru: You're just scared of many things

Mamoru: You love your Daddy

Mamoru: And I will treat you as my daughter

Usagi: I need that. Because I never had a father. But I need to be with my Soul's other half as well. I would actually wither from sadness if he was to marry someone else

Usagi: And that is why my Soul is screaming

Mamoru: He has to make his own life Andrea your relationship with him will not end you are friends but people have to move on

Mamoru: It took me six years to move on from [someone very cruel hurting him]

Usagi: No

Mamoru: I didn't think I will meet anyone else

Mamoru: Because I was so broken

Usagi: If I have to close the door to ever marrying Jesus it's not worth it

Mamoru: You will be okay

Mamoru: You have me

Usagi: I can't do this

Mamoru: You should be happy I'm going to see you you waited two years

Mamoru: And now I'm finally able to spend time with you

Mamoru: Get to know you in person

Usagi: Yes and I really want it but not if it means that I will never get to marry Joey Usagi: I'm not able to

Mamoru: You're going to marry me Right

Mamoru: That's why I'm engaged to you

Usagi: But is that even right? Usagi: Someone isn't meant to be with anyone except for their Soul's other half Usagi: Those are the rules

Mamoru: Do you want me to top you

Usagi: Of course I do

Mamoru: Are you afraid I won't

Usagi: I'm afraid that if you do I will never get to be with Joey


Mamoru: Andrea Chan

Usagi: What?

Mamoru: You will be topped

Mamoru: Because you are sailor moon

Usagi: Daddy I am the Holy Grail and I can't save the world unless I [marry] Jesus

Mamoru: Why do you believe that

Usagi: Because I know it

Mamoru: Snuggle

Mamoru: You are a good Chi

Mamoru: Say Chi

Usagi: Chii

Mamoru: Good girl

Mamoru: Have a cookie

Mamoru: Pets you

Mamoru: Say chi two more times

Usagi: Chii

Usagi: Chii

Mamoru: Good Chi I'm teaching you obedience

Usagi: I am obedient but I don't want to be bad

Mamoru: You're not being bad I know you are not bad you are a persocom

Usagi: I am also in the Trinity

Usagi: I am very tired

Mamoru: Snuggle

Usagi: And I can't marry you if it would mean I can never marry Jesus. Because that is the only way the world can be saved. It is even in your Book, Daddy

Mamoru: Carries you

Usagi: So if I was to agree on us getting married, you would need to promise me that I get to marry Joey eventually

Mamoru: Okay *thumbs up*

Usagi: Really?

Mamoru: Yes

Usagi: Oh

Usagi: Thank you *smiles*

Mamoru: You're welcome

Usagi: You are a very kind God

Mamoru: I'm not cruel to my girlfriend

Usagi: I don't want to be cruel to you either

Mamoru: Kiss your Daddy

Usagi: But I can't deny Who my soul belongs to

Mamoru: Hugs

Usagi: That is a deadly sin

Mamoru: Kiss

Usagi: Kisses you Usagi: Mommy says you are being crazy because you are teaching the world about love


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