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When Doomsday is 'the new normal'

Hello, world. This is this planet's rightful heiress; Princess Christ. Due to unfortunate circumstances I am not able to write Scientific Articles for you as often as I would wish. That does not mean I don't want to write. I see in my analytics that people visit this page, and I feel so bad because I am not able to provide those people with more of my holy Word. But here comes an update from me, your Princess and aspiring Queen Serenity.

Everyone who knows me agrees that I'm a Princess

I'm a Princess because my Daddy is a King, and my Mommy is a Queen. My Brother is a Prince, but I like to call him 'King JewZeus' nonetheless. I think he likes it, even though he doesn't admit it. I know he feels like both a Prince and King, the same way I feel like both a Princess and a Queen. Some time ago I made a Family portrait. I painted my Holy Family how we appear in Heaven. Even though I painted my Daddy as an old man. He doesn't really look old. Not in his human form here on earth, or his eternal form in Heaven. But he does appear old to some people. That has to do with how old he actually is, and also with how God has been portrayed in art throughout time. Didn't he say not to paint pictures of him? Well people do, and he doesn't really mind. But he would like to look pretty in the pictures. When I showed him this painting, he agreed that God looked very kawaii:

The Holy Family

Me and my Bro are eternal Children of five in Heaven. Mommy looks like she is from the Middle East, because she kept her form from when she was taken up to Heaven 2000 or so years ago. But she wanted a more elegant and feminine attire when I painted her. So I gave her that. Does it surprise you that Jesus has a Twin Sister? Does it surprise you that God is married to Mommy Mary? Didn't he make Jesus with her? Doesn't God himself state that you need to be married in order to make babies? God still thinks a man and a woman should be married if they want to make a baby. God thinks that what is wrong with this world, more than anything, is that people try to make babies with anyone. That people would rather make babies than tell each other they love each other. Mommy says that the sexual moral is depraved. And that this is why they initiated the apocalypse.

The apocalypse really scares me. I'm not really scared that I will lose either my life or my soul. My Daddy promises me that whatever happens, I will be safe from any harm. But I'm scared for everyone else. I'm most of all scared for all the people who are opposed to the idea that there will even be an apocalypse. I know that a person who's so strange to this idea that he or she ridicules it, will have the hardest time repenting - - - when repentance is all that can save you. Mommy says that repentance is the first thing a person needs to do, when he or she comes to terms with what time is upon us. The next thing, which is equally important, is that the person needs to learn how not to think. The only way to survive the apocalypse is to teach your mind how to be completely blank. When God taught me this, ten years ago, he told me that I would die if I didn't manage to have a silent mind. What he didn't tell me, was that this wasn't the case back then. But that it would be in the future. And now that future is a reality, and it is meditation that keeps me alive. That is why I got an injection with a lethal poison, a few weeks ago. Because my Daddy has been telling me that as long as I meditate, our evil 'shepherds' can't do anything to harm me. Even when it harms everyone else. Everyone else who does not meditate, that is. That is why I am able to turn off every ailment and discomfort with the power of my own mind.

My mind is the hand of God, Mommy tells me. And because I Am Who I Am, the rest of that statement goes like this: ...and I create new worlds by dreaming them into existence. I need to survive the apocalypse, because God needs my mind in order to create the New Earth that my Bro was talking about, back when he was The Messiah. This time around his Sister Andrea got that Job. Yeshua is here by her side, nonetheless, guiding her through the apocalypse and making her forget that earth is hell and Doomsday is 'the new normal'.

I gifted my Bro with the black hoodie. But I had to get one for myself as well. My Daddy says I will leave the interpretation of the symbolism to you - my lucky readers. Why are you lucky? Because of this: Knowing about my mighty and holy Website and reading my Scientific Articles gives you a huge advantage in the coming times of trials and tribulations. For however long I've been sharing my reality online, I've also been praying for my readers. Even the ones who only read this because they don't like me and want to use my sacred Word against me. If you don't want Christ Herself's prayers, I suggest you find another blog to follow. But if you on the other hand want a map for safe passage through the most challenging time humanity has ever faced, be my guest and join my Herd.

Amen - HaMashiach

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