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What about Korra?

I was at a very interesting museum today. Please check out my Scientific Article about it on facebook. Here are some additional photos for those too ignorant to click my holy links:

Umm yes... And after my trip to the trippy museum, I started to deteriorate. I felt so bad that I eventually had to talk to my Daddy about it. Daddy knows lots and lots about trippy feelings, so I was hoping he could shed some light. He didn't really. But he let me share our conversation, at least... My Daddy is King Endymion, btw. He's God even though he doesn't share that side of himself with most people. He shares it with me though, because I am Sailor Moon and all. And in the name of the Moon, I will not ignore demonic attacks disguised as leisure. Amen. My Brother, who's Yeshua, says they shouldn't have let me in.

In my opinion, our planet is simply an elaborate machinery meant to make us feel sad, angry, tired, scared or whatever negative emotion is most easily triggered within you. That's okay, I guess. For now. The earth as of 2022 is as bad as it has ever been to make us the best versions of ourselves. That's the actual reason why God is apocalypsing us right now. To make us better humans. Of course those who don't see the need to be better, or don't even see the need to do anything because God wants it, will have the hardest time in the following years. Intention is everything. Intention and repentance. "I intend to repent" loses its value when you have been 'intending' your whole life. This is the time. Not in two more months. Not even in two more weeks. Things are going to get very, very, very bad. And as my Daddy's Book states: It is only God who saves. Yes, and his Son and Daughter ;)

Ps: Proverbs 1:20-33 is about Yours Truly. Please read it, it would make Mommy very happy!

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