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Untitled Utopia

I am honestly so incredibly sick and tired now. Truly, saving the world isn't an easy job. I would rather the world would just save itself. But how can it, when world don't need saving? That is the truth of it. Everything is exactly how God intend. And while being both God and the world - I should know. I am just having delusions that I *need to save the world*.

Okay, I lie. I'm not God. I am his puppy. But I am also his Woman and his Girl. His magical Girl actually. He has many names for me. Many. The one I like the most is Mary Magdalene. But God as I have gotten to know him these past few months, likes to call me Usagi-chan. Do you know who that is? She is the civilian form of Sailor Moon. Do you know who that is? Don't worry - you'll find out.

God is offline. He does that sometimes, when he needs me to work on something of great importance. I think this is such a thing. But I truly do not know what 'this' will even be. I just write word for word; whatever God tell me to write.

I am sick and tired. But I am also hopeful. Very hopeful. I think this 4/20 will go down in history as the day we start Our History. God tell me to write and I just do - as I have been doing for many years. It is called automatic writing. And in Our world that is the way anything is produced. I have been producing lots and lots of things of interest the past few years. By diving into my databank, both this website, different social media and most important of all: My Norwegian Website. The adress translate to Jesus and Christ (dotcom).

Who is 'Jesus'? He has a name. A beautiful name. He has a beautiful face too. He has the kindest heart with so much compassion for each and every one of you. He wants to befriend you and teach you how to be the best possible people you can be. He has helped me immensely, the time I've known him. He has made me feel much much better about myself than how I did when I was younger. Also he is helping the good people in my life to open their eyes. Not by directly talking with them. Or maybe he is? Maybe 'Jesus' is the Universe itself. Maybe the man I call Mamoru when I write about him online, is just the One Perfect Example of the Christ energy. The first Perfect person in a reality where we all will be made new in his image. But Idk, I know many good people. And as I started to tell you, everything is exactly how God intend.

I am sick and tired because I really really really want to help all you people become Perfect people like Jesus is. Btw Jesus told me to tell you to tell you this:

What I have come to realize is that 'Jesus' is in fact One Perfect Person and the Cosmos itself. But it seems 'Jesus' wants to renew itself. That is what 'Christ' is. As I was travelling through Eternity with The Love of my Life I always believed that 'Jesus' and 'Christ' were two different people. But now I've learned that 'Christ' is who and how the Cosmos will be - once Usagi (that's me) is done with you. As I know many people have problems reading texts that are too long and elaborate, I'll leave it with this. And with an invitation. Be Our guests - explore Our LOVE STORY! It has lasted for all of my life, except I didn't know before August 11th 2009 that my Life was not about *your world*. My Life is Our World, and you are all invited to participate in making it bigger and brighter and more beautiful than any of you could have ever imagined. I mean, are there any movies/series/books etc about a Utopia with no sign of any antagonist whatsoever? I don't think there is. Simply because Humanity have not been able to imagine it yet. But trust me: We Are In Every Way Writing That Book!


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