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Trying to save the world on fakebook

I am so angry it hurts. This means I am unable to write anything that makes sense. That is why this post will be a post with a few of my fakebook posts from the last few weeks. I am starting with this one:

Jill Hates is evil and he is planning on ridding the earth of people. Covid19 vaccine is one of the ways that evil people plan on slaughtering you.

I am God's Daughter and married to Yeshua :)

I try to open the American people's eyes to see that both Biden and Dump are equally bad.

I was born for this job. Esther 4:14

He's really the chosen one. Chosen by Satan.

Corona times won't end until Jill Hates has his way. 500 million humans will remain when the apocalypse is over. If you want to be one of those, you need to buy my #TrumpIsTheAntichrist merchandise. Those are Stairways to Heaven!

My land of Norway is built by my Daddy the King for the Revelation of the Apocalypse. If you are my friend, he'll spare your life and your soul. The rest... Too bad :/

The world is in for a race war. Text says: "bike was not stolen by a person of color"

What did I write as a summary for all these pictures? Just that I am sick and tired and that you should repent and all. And that I am Christ. I don't really have stamina to write anything more elaborate right now. But I will find another post like this one, and do the same thing:

Blue pills = death. You have to swallow the Red one to stay alive now.

This guy = death and see for yourself if you don't believe me.

My Twin Sister Caliope Isabel is quite clever.

Most people are on the highway to hell....

You should follow The White Rabbit :)

I cannot guarantee this is true, but I think it fits my story :/

These guys should / should have learnt a little about God Almighty. To tell you the truth, guy on the right is the chosen one. Chosen to lead tons and tons of goats astray :(

(Image is a link)

Yes, I want to reach out to you. That was why I opened a fakebook account just to prove my might and power. Because I managed to open an account that did not have a name. This was what happened:

How do you reverse entropy? You open a fb account without a name on it just to get fb's attention ;) #calioping

Alex Atreyu is my bestie and I love him forever!

My beautiful Twin Brother took this photo of me. I don't think he likes my behind. At least artificial intelligence told me that my behind is too little :( Would you like to see? I have screen shotted the conversation. I will post it if people are interested in my 'Trump is the Antichrist' merchandise that can be bought here:

My beautiful Twin Brother likes to think of himself as an Eagle. That does not mean We agree with an eagle being connected to the effing antichrist (lots of hashtags about Dump). I am being told that I am Usagi, which means 'rabbit' in Japanese. But after a storm a Dove should come with #MommyMary if people can read the words behind my Word.

I am very very angry and frustrated and so sleepy I feel I am actually dying.

But I have a very important job; a very important mission.

No sleep for the wicked.. I hope I will still manage to look pretty when I am

Coming Out Of The Closet! ;)

I love you, #JoaKing <3 <3 <3

Let There Be Light! (and there was light?)

A good laugh makes you live a little longer ;)

Yeah, I'm done. Be nice sheeple and worship Me.

Sincerely, Christ Herself

Luke 3:22

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