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Trump is the effing antichrist!!!!

Many, many years ago, I had a dream about This Time; #CoronationTime 👑 I had just had my Awakening, and I thought world would end soon. I believed a few lucky ones would survive because governments had build huge underground facilities inside of mountains or Idk. I also believed that my earthly father would be one of the lucky ones, because he was somewhat 'famous' 🙄 Well yeah, that was then. Anyhow, this is my dream that ended up with all earth, even #ChristHerself, worshipping #theantichrist

I was inside of one of these dumbs (deep underground something something). In my bedroom was my sister. Not the one who was celebrating my bday with me yesterday, but the other one. She tried very very hard to convince me to take #TheMarkOfTheBeast (which is either #billgates's #covid19vaccine, or his evil microchip 😬). She was also trying to #distort my father, who was in the next room together with the rest of his family. I really don't remember how this went (possibly I have yet to find out), but the next thing I remember, was that I was outside in the open. I was in Italy, I think. And I was walking in a procession together with lots of people in dark cloaks. They were all walking towards a #pentagram with ritual fires on it. On it hang #trumpsterdumpster (well I just knew back then that the person was the antichrist (ps: l am the opposite 😇).. Yes and then someone in the crowd said: "ALL HAIL THE ANTICHRIST!!!" - and everyone bowed down to the man hanging there as if it was a cross. But it was an effing pentagram!! 👿 Yes and they even forced me to bow to this lunatic of #distortion and #evilmenacing 😭 I think not! #WWG1WGAmen 🍌💦

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