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This is not a drill

Okay, so world is ending. This is certainly the time to get right with God. I post an excerpt of a conversation I had with my friend Enrique:

Andrea: All the people who have never had the oportunity to follow Jesus (because of culture etc), but still love God. They have a deep and sincere connection to God. They are the mystics of all religions, and they feel God's guidance and presence in their lives. Do you think they are lost when Jesus comes to separate the goats from the sheep? I have a very difficult time believing that.

Enrique: This is what I believe the Bible says there is one way to God and that's through Jesus however God knows the hearts of everyone and he judges according to how much people know and if they are living moral lives. There are people that don't know Jesus either out of ignorance or maybe they had negative experiences with people that claim to be Christian and they get turned off by it. The prophets of the Old Testament didn't know Jesus but they spoke of him and they were righteous people. But if someone who knew Jesus leaves and doesn't repent then that's different but that's up to God to decide not us.

Andrea: Yes. I agree. So my thought which I have had for many years, is that in the end of days God will judge not JUST according to if you know Jesus or not. But according to your connection to God, to his Spirit and universal presence. Also this implies you need to learn to listen to him, to speak with him like a friend. All the people on Earth who speak with God like a friend, are in the Book of Life.

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