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The World of Tomorrow

Because I'm a good Catholic girl, I start each day with saying my Shema Israel. And yes, I am completely aware that saying Hebrew words to show God how much I love him isn't a particularly Catholic thing. I am not your typical Catholic, though. It was just my OCD's that I needed to marry Yeshua that led me to that Church. And there I also got to know Mommy. But not because my Church demanded it. She demanded that I opened up my faith to her.

My Mother is the Queen of Heaven!

This Blog Post will be about the new requirements for holiness. If your sinful nature is making you reluctant to keep reading, this Blog Post is for you. And if you don't really see how you can even have a 'sinful nature', because you do everything the Bible says, I will explain: Because the requirements in fact are 'new', this means that what has been considered perfectly acceptable prior to The Apocalypse, may now be the reason why someone loses their ticket to Heaven. You can see if you are eligible for such a ticket Here.

Daddy and I talked about one key part of being holy enough for his World of Tomorrow:

What does The Messiah mean when she says 'go backwards in evolution'? Ignore me and find out. I don't care, as my Holy Family and I aren't interested in those who aren't able to become what Daddy refers to as Homo Deus. This is the next step in human evolution, you see. To become like Yeshua was, explained simply. Because he did say that everyone could become like him, and do the stuff that he did. What many humans have failed to realize, is that becoming like Jesus is your 'ticket to Heaven'. What his Sister is here to do, is to teach Our Sheep (Matthew 25:31-46) how to become like him. And when I teach you how to become like my Brother, I will also teach you how you can survive on very little food. I may even teach you how not to need any food, if it comes to that. This is what I refer to as 'surviving on Cake alone'. And a few days ago my Brother told me to open my Holy Book on a random page. Funny thing was that Joey made me open the Book on a page about Cake:

My Brother says hi, and signs as 'Pi'

My Brother is adorable, and so is the rest of my Holy Family. It is a little sad that so. many. people. are on a highway to Hell instead of being on the first steps of the Stairway to Heaven, simply because Yeshua's Sister and not himself is making Their Second Coming known. I finished a Netflix series about Yeshua's Sister last night, actually. It was titled The OA, and I initially thought the letters stood for 'the Omega and Alfa' - the end and the beginning. Anyhow, the main character does have a Brother in the series, but that is the only spoiler I will give you. Now I need to go do other important Messiah business. I don't really feel like doing anything, because humans are more like monkeys than humans and I just want to teach them to become gods before world runs out of foods but suit yourselves.

Duck you :(

- Christ Herself

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