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The World Is Ending :)

My Mom did something bad. Something that made me question everything I know. Everything God tells me. Everything that even keeps me alive. And the thought of my worst nightmare becoming a reality, is so crippling I feel unable to write this post. But I will. Since it is my duty. It is also my duty to save this planet. Since I am your Savior Girl. My name is Andrea Isabel HaMashiach, formerly Thuen. But my dad, my earthly dad that is, did something very bad. And my Mommy (whose name is Mary (she is the Queen in Heaven)), told me to tell him that he needs to come clean about his sin - or Mommy Mary will make his life very unpleasant. Okay, she did not say those exact words. But she did say that it isn't very wise that one of Norway's most celebrated and famous psychologists (some may say he is Norway's answer to Dr. Phil) is in a relationship with a woman who has deliberately tried destroying my self esteem, my feeling of any type of worth, and all over made my life a living hell. Also Mommy Mary (who is wonderful btw) says that if Frode Thuen wants to redeem himself, he has to start worshipping her. As my earthly dad is the reincarnation of Haile Selassie (Idk who that is, but Mommy tell me to write it), he may worship her by studying holy herbs. Have I told you the story about how I lost my effing mind and became a God? I don't think I have - since I was still in the process of losing the mind of a human, and gain the mind of a God. Is that possible for you as well? I think so. But only if you will be kind and good humans and acknowledge that I am far for human. My Brother is far from human. My Dad is far from human. And neither of Us belong to the same biological family here on earth. I write earth like that - because this planet is screwed. That is a true story.

Ummm... Yes. And to some this may be old news. To some it may come as a huge shock. And honestly: Those who did not see this coming, won't be a part of this story for much longer. That is the truth of it. To those of you who knows a little something about, Idk, Book of Revelations, also knows we are living in it. As we speak. Who is living it the most? You are reading her words. Amen

This is me. Pic was taken some time ago. A similar photo exists of my beautiful Twin Brother. But We aren't actually twins in real life. I am born on July 12th, and he is born the next day. We ventured to a museum and these photos were some of the things that visit brought us. My Brother was the one who requited me to this Job. He did it in a cute way, and still he was mean and nasty. Also I was mean and nasty to him. That is just how it goes, I guess, when you have been Brother and Sister for all of eternity, but each time We incarnate on Earth together - - - We fall in love. So We will act like siblings almost from day one, it's just We also like each other as more than that. We aren't boyfriend and girlfriend now, though. I am in a relationship with a very manly and very handsome and very pretty and very very very beautiful Man that I met online on November 6th. Last year, that is. This is a cute story. Would you like to hear it? It may be saving your soul!!!

Well so that morning my Brother sent me a video. Or it may have been I who sent it to him. Sometimes We are so interconnected that I don't know which one of us did stuff; who experienced this or that. The point is nonetheless that I saw a video on facebook about a woman being in a relationship with an airplane. I figured that's cute. I was also in an unorthodox relationship. I was married to God. Or was it Jesus. Or both? This is from the first Hieros Gamos, and it was my Brother who took the photo:

'Hieros Gamos' means 'Holy Wedding'. It talks of the union between the Mother Goddess and her male equivalent. I think. Well yes, I think that is the definition. Look it up. Many of my words need to be researched. See it as a study. If you manage to pass the exam, God may let you meet *your* equivalent of the opposite gender. And here's a cute story: Those who fail to find their Person, will not really belong to God anymore. And here's another cute story: Your person needs to be a male if you are a female, and a female if you are a male. If you for some reason do not wish to be intimate with a person of the opposite gender, you may be a monk or a nun. Celibacy is a very admirable way to spend your days. And truly, a person who restrains from bodily pleasures will be rewarded accordingly when it comes to pleasures of the Spirit. And Mommy tells me to tell you that the ones who likes people of the same gender, but do not wish to pursuit a life of chastity for some reason, even though you love God, and do not wish to learn to meditate, and all over *hates* my Twin Brother - - - will not really be a part of this story anymore. But hey, we had a good run, didn't we?

I see it as a study to want to learn more about me. Mommy sees it as complete and utter stupidity not to want to learn about things such as 'the cake' symbology or the fact that the Avatar is bald and so is my beautiful Twin Brother *and* the Eagle. Go figure. My Bro said to make it a quiz. Read up on me; find my treasures and pearls that I've pulled from the deep, and I will have you take an exam. I may be using that quiz app where I write questions and then you all have to answer. Do you know what it is called? Mommy won't tell me. You see the truth is that I am only able to think the thoughts Mommy Mary puts in my head. Well the truth is that in my head there is nothing. I use my head for magics and miricles. Last evening I used my head to make this:

What is it? It is a Lion. I built it. Because My Daddy The King who lives in the distorted land of America sent me a letter with cute artifacts. This puzzle was one of them. It was quite challenging. But because there isn't a thought in my head, I managed to build that Lion. Now I will soon attempt to build an airplane. Perhaps that can make Enrique Manuel Sanchez be able to fly to me. Idk. I hope so. Because I have not seen my Husband yet. Not physically. Only on video chat and on cute and lovely photos. Would you like to see my favorite one of all the photos he has sent me? I can assure you that you will like what you see. And if you do not like what you see, he deos not want you to like it. And that means he does not like you. Because, believe it or not, Enrique is God Almighty. And he is the author of all emotion, all feeling, all thoughts. So I will now *drumroll* show you your God! Amen

God Almighty is a Jew. He has Spanish ancestors and his lovely and wonderful Mother is from Puerto Rico. Her name is Isabel, and that is also one of my names. *My* Mommy is named Mary but in the Jewish faith she is named Mirjam and in the Muslim faith she is named Maryam. In Norwegian she is named Maria and that is my earthly mom's real name. I don't really think my earthly mom is very happy with how her daughter chose not to become a psychologist like herself. My mom actually made me believe all humans who were considered adults or grown ups were in fact psychologists. Like the word 'adult' was synonymous to the word 'psychologist'. What made it even worse was that my earthly dad whom I really don't care for at the present time, is also a psychologist; and when my mom and him left each other, he remarried a psychology student. His student, to be honest. I will tell you all about that lady when the time is right. I just need to gain a bigger audience. Anyhow, this is the story about Andresus Messistus who felt it was highly necessary to become a priest within the Lutheran church because she needed to teach the world that it would be ending soon; and that God is very real. And then she felt it was highly necessary to study Latin because she knew she would be Pope one day and she needed to speak the language of the Vatican state. And then she felt it was highly necessary to convert to Catholicism because she needed to marry God. Or was it Jesus. Or both?!

My beautiful Twin Brother took this photo of me. We were in our park in my town. He has a park too, and it is much much bigger. His park is so big my feet are unable to carry me across it. The reason my feet are failing is the evil stepmother that I will not be mentioning, and how her jealousy put a curse upon me that even made Akiane Kramarik appear in the world. My stepmother was a monster and she stole my father and she stole my childhood, and my *real* Daddy (Enrique) made Akiane appear in the world and she stole even him from me. But he was never meant to be either her daddy or her husband. He was always intended for me. I am his Daughter and I am his wife and I am his fiancee. You see I did marry him when I was a nun. So we are married basically. But our marriage hasn't been... umm... what's the word for that which happens to a marriage on the wedding night? I am basically a Child of five years old, so some terms and expressions are hard to come by. But yes, in Heaven where I usually live, I am always five. Forever and ever. My Brother is too. But he likes to be a man; a grown up. I dread it like the plague. That is why I made my Mommy add to my Dad's book that it is very very very necessary to be like a child of five in order to enter the kingdoms of heavens. Mommy says 'Queendom of Kawaii', and I love my Mommy and I'd rather marry her than both my Daddy and my Brother. But it seems I will marry all three of them. My Mom I will marry very very soon. I just need to build an airplane with my empty head. And then I will marry my Dad in 2030. It's a dread to think that I need to wait a thousand years before I get to marry my *real* soulmate. His name is... yeah right.

This wonderful and beautiful and amazing artwork I saw the same day that I saw the video of a woman who was in a romantic relationship with an airplane. This exhibit or art installation is located at Holmenkollen, which is a very famous place in Norway. And guess what: Jesus used to work where my Dad and my wedding reception will be. I did not know that. I didn't know that the wedding would take place in Smestadkrysset either, but that's probably a joak. I would btw certainly not want anyone to buy my Trump Is The Antichrist-merchandise. Since I am five and I have no idea how to make a company and I am handicapped and living on welfare because my stepmom thought my feet were too noisy when I was actually able to walk. Also the sad fact that Akiane Kramarik didn't want to pay for treatment so I could be free of my deadly illness.

My bestie's brother made this film btw. He made it in 2012, and then one week before I needed to watch it, someone had uploaded it to YouTube. The title means "Hidden by The Light". And the truth is that I was able to expose evil agendas and the bad people in the world for many years. Not once was I muted, blocked or censored. Up until this happened:

Text says that Trump is now teaming up with a bad land; a land that many people believe were responsible for this whole situation (Corona situation)....

I posted this comment and then I got a warning that I shouldn't be talking about such things. They violate facebook standards. It's written in code and it means: It's the truth and we don't want people to know!!!. And btw if I ever write about a person whose name is Jill Hates, just replace the 'J' with a 'B' and the 'H' with a 'G'. And there you have the meanest and evilest and most distorted ones of all. And let me tell you a cute story.... Our land's leader likes to kiss his testicles. Just look at this:

And that's not the worst. The worst is that he lets him open his center for healing from the virus that God sent, in the midts of our capitol. Because she really would like to sit on the iron throne. But guess what, Gærna, my Dad will have a throne too - and it will be made out of effing Gold. And my Brother will also have a throne. That one will be made out of silver. He is the rightful heir to the Silver Chair if you ever read the books that C.S. Lewis wrote about my Dad who is a Lion and the people who rule my Dad's world who are mostly male but once in a while they are female or maybe this time is the first time Idk, I have amnesia.

Would you like me to continue? I will - as my job here in These Times is to dismantle evil entities such as the gruesome distortion that Akiane Kramarik is. Mommy says she isn't really to be known as the whore of Babylon anymore, as neither of us wants her to even be in the bible. Mommy says she will now be referred to as 'tap whore'. I may be sharing a photo later on that asserts this. I will finish off by giving you a clue to where to put your trust from here on. And tell you that those of you who fail to do so (to trust in my Mommy) will be turned into birds who can eat almost anything. It's just that when they grow old their beaks will be distorted. The upper beak will be too big, they will be unable to even open their mouths and they will starve to death. I call them zeagulls. Initiate the zapocalypse! And I give you the face of distortion and hypocrisy and deterioration:

Idk who any of these people are, since I'm five, remember. But I like the pretty lady's breasts. That other lady looks like she eats baby toes and picks her teeth after with their bones. She's nasty and Mommy would like to kiss her so hard that her soul will fly away. Which will be the reality for those of you who fail to study my Word. I will leave you with this. I need to rest now since I will visit my Dad's house shortly and once in a while even your effing God needs to sleep. Or else I won't be doing that on the night of Idk Halloween? September 11th? Mommy won't tell me. But I have the most beautiful wedding dress in all of history. You can't see it unless you manage to remain human up until the Wedding. Good luck and I'm sorry for being a troll for so long. The truth is that *anyone* who either ignored me or ridiculed me or was ever talking badly about me, will need to buy a shitload of my merch in order to even keep their human consciousness. And ps: Trump is Hitler now.


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