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The Reason for the season

Queen Serenity: Jesus says that being good as Matthew 22:36-40 states is how we show God that we appreciate him

Queen Serenity: I wrote a long essay about it many years ago King Endymion: That's very good

King Endymion: Christmas is about Jesus

Queen Serenity: Yes

King Endymion: People forget that

King Endymion: Sadly

Queen Serenity: It makes me very sad and angry King Endymion: I'm against the materialism and commercialism of Christmas

Queen Serenity: Me too

Queen Serenity: And how people who have no interest in getting to know Jesus embrace Christmas King Endymion: Absolutely

King Endymion: Most secular people don't know the story of Jesus

Queen Serenity: They may have been repelled because bad people have distorted the message King Endymion: Sadly the message has gotten Lost and replaced with commercialism

Queen Serenity: The complete opposite of what Jesus stood for. It's so ironic and sad King Endymion: The devil doesn't want people to know Jesus

Queen Serenity: So he sells them a sweet potion laced with poison, making them believe that it's good for them King Endymion: You can say that

Queen Serenity: I believe one can't understand the true meaning of Christmas and the true purpose of Christianity without learning how to listen to God. But in today's society such knowledge isn't the most common King Endymion: Society is far from God

Queen Serenity: I guess it's supposed to be that way, as a contrast to how the world will be in due time King Endymion: What do you believe do you believe in Armageddon

Queen Serenity: I do

King Endymion: I do too

Queen Serenity: *sends this*

King Endymion: Many don't know how it will come about

Queen Serenity: It might be already happening King Endymion: Possibly

King Endymion: Only the Father knows

Queen Serenity: Nonetheless I trust him Queen Serenity: He has given me no reason not to Queen Serenity: *sends this*

Queen Serenity: Look

King Endymion: Fabulous

King Endymion: We're together

Queen Serenity: Yay!

King Endymion: Kisses

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